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SPMC65 MCU unlock series MCU is sunplus company, design and development of eight industrial-strength universal MCU, electric apparatus, industrial control, instrumentation and control field.
SPMC75 MCU crack series Microcontroller using sunplus, design and development of 16-bit micro controller chip, the kernel by sunplus independent intellectual property rights of the u 'nSP (Microcontroller and Signal Processor) microprocessor. SPMC75MCU crackseries mcu integrated can produce frequency conversion motor drive PWM generator, multi-function capture is module, BLDC motor drive special position detection interface, two phase incremental encoder interface and other hardware module; And multi-function I/O port, with step and asynchronous serial port, ADC, timing counter etc function module, use these hardware module support, such as home appliances MCU unlock can complete with variable frequency drives, standard industrial variable frequency drives, polycyclic servo drive system complicated application.
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