Bee prog2 programmer

  • beeprog2
Europe's number one brand from the programmer

■ Support 48 Pin million, with driver, software update download free

■ Support for up to a recordable IC: 37,723 species

■ Compact, powerful and easy to carry

■ Pin Pin auto-detection, real-time detection of information

■ Support In-circuit programming (ISP)

■ through the USB Hub and connect to multiple machines can be mass production programming

■ provide detailed real-time help documentation and information related to IC

■ to test TTL / CMOS logic IC, and Memories

* ELNEC million used with programmer USB interface based on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP platforms, it is a good meet evolving rapidly and reliability for universal programmer needs..

Users can freely choose their own design to the best of the device. By using ISP connector, the programmer can directly burn the circuit board burned chip (provided that the chip must support ISP).

* BeeProg + not only have the programming function, but also has TTL / COMS logic IC testing and memory functions. In addition, it allows users to customize some of the testing methods.

the programming speed. so it's burning speed is unmatched, it is more than competitive products faster. In addition to this program supports automatic recording function, in recorder, as long as taking place in the seat of IC burn burn can be done * BeeProg + via USB (2.0/1.1) port or any standard parallel (printer) port will be able to connect to the IBM 486 or higher levels of PC, mobile, and desktop computers. Programmer also supports IEEE1284 (ECP / EPP) high-speed parallel port Support the choice of USB / LPT port to connect to any BeeProg + PC, including from the latest laptop computers to the USB port without the old desktop computer.
* FPGA based on 48 powerful TTL pin driver, for each test pin pedestal feet provide High / Low / Pull up / Pulldown / read functions. Advanced drive technology combined with high-speed high-quality line reliability. Minimum voltage support * Burn provides access into the test and the test prior to conducting burning and improper placement can prevent chip damage due to exposure to bad. These properties and flow through the overcurrent protection to prevent chip damage inspection for misuse.

* The embedded protection circuit can eliminate the programming device damage or malfunction due to damage to the environment or programming device. BeeProg + programming all input devices, including the ZIF test blocks, connected to the PC, the advanced drive technology provides high-speed high-quality * Burner before providing access to the test during the burn, and can prevent chip damage due to improper placement. The flow through the over-current protection and detection to prevent chip damage due to misuse.

* Built-in protection circuits eliminate damage to the programming device or misuse or due to environmental damage burner. BeeProg + programmer all the input, including the ZIF test blocks, connected PC's, power supply, are protected BeeProg + burner burn the implementation of the edge of the voltage level of parity, this can provide significant burn areas, to maintain long data.

* A variety of adapters to support a variety of IC package, for example: PLCC, SOIC, PSOP, SSOP, SSOP, TSOPTSSLP, TQFP, QFN (MLF) SDIP, BGA and so on.

>Software Description:

* The writer is easy to use and control, with the drop-down menu, shortcut keys and online help. Select the device by selecting categories, manufacturer, model, serial number and other methods.

* The relevant standard programming operations command (read, blank check, program, verify, erase), there are some test functions (insertion test, flow test), but also includes some additional features, such as (autoincrement, product model - insert the chip in ">start immediately after the burn.)

* Support for all known data formats, when the import file can automatically recognize and convert the appropriate file format.

* Auto-increment feature can burn an IC in each assigned a different serial number, you can simply increments the serial number, you can also choose to read the files from the user's own serial number

* Burner software provides a detailed picture of the IC includes a variety of useful information package, the chip label description (the meaning of prefixes and suffixes.)

* Programmer ISP software to provide detailed information, including the ISP interface to the currently selected definition of IC, IC circuit surrounding the proposed design, as well as other necessary information.

* BAT command by other applications or DLL files, remote control allows PG4UW software flow control. JEDEC standard JESD-71 in the Jam file note by Jam Player, device manufacturers, through their programming to provide the design software generate Jam file. Chipset ISP in the ZIF socket or connector (IEEE1149.1 JTAG interface) programming.

* VME file note by VME Player. VME file is a binary file compression on the variation of SVF, including the implementation of high-level IEEE 1149.1 bus. Through their programming device manufacturers to provide the design software generate VME file. Chip in ZIF socket or ISP connector (IEEE1149.1 JTAG interface) programming.

* Through the JTAG chain (ISP-Jam or ISP-VME) more than one device may be programmed and tested.

* A powerful multi-program the program to achieve the same PC (through USB port) connect multiple BeeProg + programming, support for many chips, as a single BeeProg + burner supports, but also not significantly reduced burning speed. we all know, collaborative multi-burner - can work independently of each burner, each burner can also burn a different chip.


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