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Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) IC unlock and MCU crack is a short for Complex PLD. It is a kind of complex logic element that is more complex than PLD. It is a kind of digital integrated circuit that users construct their own logic functions according to their needs. The basic design method is through the integrated development software platform, using schematic diagram, hardware description language and other methods to generate the corresponding target file, the download cable ("in-system" programming) will be sent to the target chip code to achieve the design of the digital system . CPLD IC unlock and MCU crack is just one of the classes that can load a program chip. Can burn program and can encrypt the chip and DSP IC unlock and MCU crack, MCU, AVR, ARM, etc., but also specially designed encryption algorithm for professional encryption chip or design verification of the work of manufacturers and other functional chips, the chip industry to achieve the prevention The purpose of electronic copy.

ATMEL series:
ATF2500C  ATF1508ASVL  ATF1508ASV  ATF1508AS  ATF1504BE  ATF1504ASVL  ATF1504ASV  ATF1504ASL ATF1504AS  ATF1502SEL  ATF1502SE  ATF1502BE  ATF1502ASV  ATF1502ASL  ATF1502AS  ATF1502AEL  ATF1502AE  ATF1500L  ATF1500AL  ATF1500ABVL  ATF1500ABV  ATF1500A  ATF1500  ATF750LVC  ATF750CL  ATF750C;

Altera series:
CPLD Unlock:    EPM7128S IC Unlock  Altera     EPM7128A  Altera     EPM7064AE  Altera:    EPM7064B CPLD Unlock:    EPM7064S IC Unlock  Altera:    EPM3032A IC Unlock  Altera     EPM3512A  Altera     EPM3256A IC CrackCPLD Unlock:    EPM3128A IC Unlock  Altera     EPM3064ACPLD Crack:    EPM7128SLC  Altera     EPM7128LC CrackCPLD Unlock:    EPM7064SLC IC Unlock  Altera     EPM7064LC IC Crack    EPM7512B  Altera     EPM7512AE  Altera     EPM7384AE IC Crack  Altera     EPM7256S IC CrackCPLD Unlock:    EPM7256E IC Unlock  Altera     EPM7256BCPLD Unlock:    EPM7192S IC Unlock  Altera     EPM7192ECPLD Unlock:    EPM7160S  Altera     EPM7160ECPLD Unlock:    EPM7128E IC Unlock  Altera     EPM7128BCPLD Unlock:    EPM7128AE IC Unlock  Altera     EPM7096  Altera     EPM7064    EPM7062B    EPM7032V UnlockCPLD Unlock:    EPM7032S IC Crack    EPM7032B IC UnlockCPLD Unlock:    EPM7032AECPLD Crack:    EPM7256AE  Altera     EPM7256A IC UnlockCPLD Unlock:    EPM7032SLC IC UnlockCPLD Crack:     EPM7032LC IC UnlockCPLD Crack:     EPM7032 IC UnlockCPLD Unlock:   EPM7128  EP310  EP310I    EPM9320A    EPM9320    EPM2210G    EPM2210    EPM1270G    EPM1270    EPM570Z    EPM570G    EPM570    EPM240Z    EPM240G   EPM240  EP1830  EP1810T  EP1810I  EP1810  EP1800I  EP1800  EP910T  EP910I  EP910  EP900I  EP900  EP610I  EP610  EP320  EP1C3T100C  EP1C3T144C  EP1C3T100I  EP1C3T144I  EP1C4F324C  EP1C4F400C  EP1C4F324I  EP1C4F400I  EP1C6F256C  EP1C6F256I  EP1C6Q240C  EP1C6Q240I  EP1C6T144C  EP1C6T144I  EP1C12F256C  EP1C12F324C  EP1C12F256I  EP1C12F324I  EP1C12Q240C  EP1C12Q240I  EP1C20F324C  EP1C20F400C  EP1C20F324I  EP1C20F400I  EP2C5AF256A  EP2C5AT144A  EP2C5F256C  EP2C5F256I  EP2C5Q208C  EP2C5Q208I  EP2C5T144C  EP2C5T144I  EP2C8AF256A  EP2C8AF256I  EP2C8F256C  EP2C8F256I  EP2C8Q208C  EP2C8Q208I  EP2C8T144C  EP2C8T144I  EP2C15AF256A  EP2C15AF484A  EP2C15AF256C  EP2C15AF484C  EP2C15AF256I  EP2C15AF484I  EP2C20F256C  EP2C20F484C  EP2C20F256I  EP2C20F484I  EP2C20Q240C  EP2C20AF256A  EP2C20AF484A  EP2C20AF256I  EP2C20AF484I  EP2C35F484C  EP2C35F672C  EP2C35F484I  EP2C35F672I  EP2C35U484C  EP2C35U484I  EP2C50F484C  EP2C50F672C  EP2C50F484I  EP2C50F672I  EP2C50U484C  EP2C50U484I  EP2C70F672C  EP2C70F896C  EP2C70F672I  EP2C70F896I;


 LATTICE series:

ispGAL22LV10  ispGAL22V10  ispGAL22V10B  ispGAL22V10C  ispLSI1016  ispLSI1016E  ispLSI1016EA  ispLSI1024  ispLSI1024E  ispLSI1024EA  ispLSI1032  ispLSI1032E  ispLSI1032EA  ispLSI1048C  ispLSI1048E  ispLSI1048EA  ispLSI2032  ispLSI2032A  ispLSI2032E  ispLSI2032VE  ispLSI2032VL  ispLSI2064E  ispLSI2064VE  ispLSI2064VL  ispLSI2096  ispLSI2096A  ispLSI2096E  ispLSI2096VE  ispLSI2096VL  ispLSI2128  ispLSI2128A  ispLSI2128E  ispLSI2128VE  ispLSI2128VL  ispLSI2192VE  ispLSI2192VL  ispLSI3192  ispLSI3256  ispLSI3256A  ispLSI3448  ispLSI5128VE  ispLSI5256VA  ispLSI5256VE  ispLSI5384VA  ispLSI5512VA  ispLSI8600V  ispLSI8840  ispLSI8840V ispLSI81080V  LA4032V  LA4032ZC  LA4064V  LA4064ZC  LA4128V  LA4128ZC  LAMXO256C  LAMXO256E  LAMXO640C  LAMXO640E  LAMXO1200E  LAMXO2280EM4-32/32M4-64/32M4-96/48M4-128/64M4-128N/64M4A3-32/32M4A3-64/32M4A3-64/64M4A3-96/48M4A3-128/64M4A3-192/96M4A3-256/128M4A3-256/160M4A3-256/192M4A3-384/160M4A3-384/192M4A3-512/160M4A3-512/192M4A3-512/256M4A5-32/32M4A5-64/32M4A5-96/48M4A5-128/64M4A5-192/96M4A5-256/128M4LV-32/32M4LV-64/32M4LV-96/48M4LV-128/64M4LV-128N/64M5-128/68M5-128/104M5-128/120M5-192/68M5-192/104M5-192/120M5-192/160M5-256/68M5-256/104M5-256/120M5-256/160M5-320/120M5-320/160M5-320/184M5-320/192M5-384/120M5-384/160M5-384/184M5-384/192M5-512/120M5-512/160M5-512/184M5-512/192M5-512/256M5LV-128/68M5LV-128/74M5LV-128/104M5LV-128/120M5LV-256/68M5LV-256/74M5LV-256/104M5LV-256/120M5LV-256/160M5LV-320/120M5LV-320/160M5LV-320/184M5LV-320/192M5LV-384/120M5LV-384/160M5LV-384/184M5LV-384/192M5LV-512/120M5LV-512/160M5LV-512/184M5LV-512/192M5LV- 512/256MACH110MACH111MACH111SPMACH130MACH131MACH210MACH210AMACH210AQMACH211 MACH211SPMACH215MACH231M

Xilinx series:

XCF128X  XCF32P  XCF16P  XCF08P  XCF04S  XCF02S  XCF01SXC9536XC9536XVXC9536XLXC95144XC95144XlXC95144XVXC9572XVXC9572XLXC9572XC95288XLXC9510


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