High success rate and high difficulty IC unlock

The DSP chip we often call, also known as digital signal processor, is the abbreviation of Digital Signal Process. It is a special chip that represents and processes signals in digital form. In addition to the high-speed operation and control functions emphasized by ordinary microprocessors, DSP chip has its unique characteristics in processor structure, instruction system and instruction flow.
Since the birth of DSP chip, it has been developing rapidly. The rapid development of DSP chips, on the one hand, benefits from the rapid development of integrated circuit technology, on the other hand, also benefits from the huge global market demand. In the past ten years, DSP chip has been widely used in signal processing, communication, radar and many other fields.
According to the purpose of DSP, it can be divided into general DSP chip and special DSP chip. Among them, the TMS320F chip of TI company is a typical universal DSP chip.
Because the integration and complexity of DSP chip are much higher than that of ordinary MCU, the difficulty of decryption is different from that of ordinary MCU . At present, the company that studies and can IC unlock the DSP chip in China can be said to be rare.
Then how can we tell which company can decrypt your DSP chip?
The answer is simple. You only need to follow the "two principles".
1. Cycle Principle : If a company can decipher a DSP chip, the deciphering cycle of the chip must be within one or two days .
2. Compensation Principle : If a company can decrypt a DSP chip, it will be willing to sign the "Decryption Failure Compensation Agreement" with the client. .
That is to say, if a company claims to be able to crack DSP chips, but flickers in the decryption cycle, and is more reluctant to sign the corresponding compensation agreement, it can be concluded that it simply can not decrypt DSP chips, but just want to delay time to defraud customers of all or part of the deposit. Such cases are already common in the decryption industry.

dsPIC30FXXSeries IC unlock list:
dsPIC30F1010# dsPIC30F2010 dsPIC30F2011 dsPIC30F2012 dsPIC30F2020
dsPIC30F2023 dsPIC30F3010 dsPIC30F3011 dsPIC30F3012 dsPIC30F3013
dsPIC30F3014 dsPIC30F4011 dsPIC30F4012 dsPIC30F4013 dsPIC30F5011
dsPIC30F5013 dsPIC30F5015 dsPIC30F5016 dsPIC30F6010 dsPIC30F6010A
dsPIC30F6011 dsPIC30F6011A dsPIC30F6012 dsPIC30F6012A dsPIC30F6013
dsPIC30F6013A dsPIC30F6014 dsPIC30F6014A dsPIC30F6015
dsPIC33FJ128GP206 dsPIC33FJ128GP306 dsPIC33FJ128GP310
dsPIC33FJ128GP706 dsPIC33FJ128GP708 dsPIC33FJ128GP710 dsPIC33FJ128MC506
dsPIC33FJ128MC510 dsPIC33FJ128MC706 dsPIC33FJ128MC708
dsPIC33FJ128MC710 dsPIC33FJ12GP202 dsPIC33FJ12MC201
dsPIC33FJ12MC202 dsPIC33FJ16GP304 dsPIC33FJ16MC304
dsPIC33FJ256GP506 dsPIC33FJ256GP510 dsPIC33FJ256GP710 dsPIC33FJ256MC510
dsPIC33FJ256MC710 dsPIC33FJ32GP202 dsPIC33FJ32GP204
dsPIC33FJ32MC202 dsPIC33FJ32MC204 dsPIC33FJ64GP306
dsPIC33FJ64GP206 dsPIC33FJ64GP310 dsPIC33FJ64GP706 dsPIC33FJ64GP708
dsPIC33FJ64GP710 dsPIC33FJ64MC506 dsPIC33FJ64MC508
dsPIC33FJ64MC510 dsPIC33FJ64MC706 dsPIC33FJ64MC710
TMS320 DSP Chip Decryption
TMS320F206 TMS320F243 TMS320F240 TMS320F241
TMS320LF2407 TMS320LF2403A TMS320LF2402A TMS320LF2407A
TMS320LF2406A TMS320LF2401A TMS320LF2406 TMS320LF2402

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