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Shenzhen Flying Star Technology Co., Ltd. is China's most powerful electronic circuit research company, engaged in reverse research for 20 years, involving business scope of PCB board, PCB design, microcontroller development, chip decryption, disassembly, encryption algorithm research, diode, IC screen printing reverse check model, chip procurement, chip burning uniform And OEM processing services.

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There are many definitions of decryption, in fact, IC decryption is through semiconductor reverse development technology means, the encrypted chip into an unencrypted chip, and then use a programmer to read out the program. This article addresses the following: the conditions for IC decryption are:
1, you have a certain knowledge of how to turn an encrypted chip into an unencrypted one.
2, there must be a tool to read the program. Someone may say that it is nothing more than a programmer. Yes, it's a programmer, but not all programmers are readable. That's why we sometimes develop a readable programmer to decipher a chip. With a readable programmer, let's talk about some common methods of IC decryption.

This technique typically uses processor communication interfaces and exploits protocols, encryption algorithms, or security vulnerabilities in these algorithms. A typical example of successful software attack is the early ATMELAT89C system.
Attack of single chip microcomputer. The attacker took advantage of the loophole in the timing design of erasure operation of the series of microcontrollers. After erasing the encrypted lock bits, the self-programmed program was used to stop the next erasing operation of the on-chip program memory data, thus turning the encrypted microcontrollers into non-encrypted microcontrollers, and then using the programmer to read out the on-chip program. On the basis of other encryption methods, some devices can be developed to match certain software.
To do software attacks. Recently, there is a kind of Flying star technology 51 IC decryption equipment (a master in Chengdu) in China. This decryption device is mainly aimed at SyncMos. Winbond, in the production process.
The vulnerability is that some programmers locate the plug-in bytes and find out if there are any continuous empty spaces in the chip by some means, that is to say, find the FFFFFF bytes in the chip. The inserted bytes can execute the instructions to send the program on the chip to the off-chip, and then intercept it with the decrypted device, so that the program inside the chip is decoded. The secret is complete.
2. Electronic detection attack-nbsp; this technology usually monitors the analog characteristics of all power supply and interface connections during normal operation of processor with high time resolution, and attacks by monitoring its electromagnetic radiation characteristics. Because MCU is an active electronic device, when it executes different instructions, the corresponding power consumption also changes accordingly. In this way, by using special electronic measuring instruments and mathematical statistical methods to analyze and detect these changes, we can obtain the specific key information in the microcontroller; as for RF programmer can directly read out the old model of encrypted MCU program, this principle is used.
3, the technology of fault generation:
This technique uses exceptional working conditions to make the processor error and then provides additional access to attack. The most widely used means of attack include voltage impact and clock impact. Low voltage and high voltage attacks can be used to prohibit protection of circuits or force processors to perform erroneous operations. Clock transient hopping may reset the protection circuit without damaging the protected information. The transient hopping of power and clock can affect the decoding and execution of single instruction in some processors.
4. Probe technology: This technology directly exposes the internal connection of the chip, and then observes, manipulates and interferes with the microcontroller to achieve the purpose of attack.
5, ultraviolet attack method:
Ultraviolet attack, also known as UV attack, is the use of ultraviolet irradiation chip, so that the encrypted chip into an unencrypted chip, and then directly read out the program using a programmer. This method is suitable for OTP chips, so the engineers who do single-chip microcomputer know that OTP chips can only be erased by ultraviolet light. If you want to erase encryption, you also need ultraviolet light. At present, most of the OTP chips produced in Taiwan can be decrypted by this method. Interested ones can try or download some technical data. OTP chips are packaged with half of the ceramic package will have quartz windows, this kind of thing can be directly irradiated by ultraviolet light, if it is packaged with plastic, it is necessary to open the chip cover, the wafer can be exposed to ultraviolet light. Because of the poor encryption of this chip, decryption basically does not require any cost, so the price of this chip on the market IC decryption is very cheap, such as SONIX SN8P2511 decryption, Feiling microcontroller decryption and other prices are very cheap.
6. Chip vulnerabilities: Many chips are designed with encryption vulnerabilities, which can be exploited to exploit the chip read-out memory code, such as the use of chip code vulnerabilities mentioned in our previous article, if you can find a link to the FF code can be inserted bytes, to achieve Decrypt. There is also a search code whether there is a special byte, if there is such a byte, you can use this byte to export the program. This kind of chip decryption to Hua Bang, Xinmao single chip for example, such as W78E516 decryption, N79E825 decryption, ATMEL 51 series of AT89C51 decryption is to use byte loopholes to decrypt the code. In addition, some chips have obvious loopholes, for example, when a pin is encrypted and the electrical signal is added, the encrypted chip will become an unencrypted chip, because it involves a domestic MCU manufacturer, the name is not listed. At present, the chip decrypting devices that can be seen in the market are made use of the loopholes of chips or programs to decrypt. But the IC decryption that can be purchased outside can basically solve the model is very few, because the general decryption company will not disclose the core of things or transfer. In order to decrypt the convenience of their own internal decryption companies, they will use their own decryption tools, if the core technology can decrypt MS9S09AW32 decryptor, can specially decrypt LPC2119LPC2368 and other ARM decryptors, using such a decryptor decryption speed, customers to the company is basically established and so on desirable.
7. FIB recovery encryption fuse method: This method is applicable to many chips with fuse encryption, the most representative chip is TI MSP430 decryption method, because MSP430 encryption to burn fuse, so long as the fuse can be restored, it will become an unencrypted chip, MSP430F1101A decryption, MSP43 0F149 decryption, MSP430F425 decryption and so on. General decryption companies use probes to connect fuse bits.




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