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We can provide IC unlock:


IC species: E (E) PROM/FLASH/Serial EPROM/MPU/MCU/PLD/CPLD, etc.
IC model: we can burn the chip model, including more than one hundred manufacturers of nearly 20000 kinds of chip

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Crack unlock break IC list:

The MCU crack team has professional chip design and decryption personnel, provides IC decryption.IC decryption, chip decryption, single-chip decryption,.ARM decryption.MCU crack . MCU crack and other comprehensive services. Our declassified technician is not only a decipher clone technician, but also a high-technology talent who deeply studies and develops new products for the two time. On the basis of deciphering clone, we will make system bug repair work and improve chip performance.
After obtaining the key technology of the chip, we should not only draw on the design of its own products, but also integrate into more personalized new technology highlights and upgrade the chip technology. To a certain extent, laid the foundation of innovation. It has been the first to break through the fields of the industry of difficult chip / chip computer decryption technology research, MCU crack technology research, MCU crack 100% success rate technology research, chip computer software decryption technology research and so on. Chip computer decryption problem.
In the long term, we provide MCU crack technology solutions, and also provide SCM software and hardware development program. What we are focusing on is to provide customers with a comprehensive chip solution in the true sense. From the front and back end of the chip, the MCU crack , the IC design, the packaging and testing, the integration and development of the software and hardware system, even to the definition of the chip specifications, the architecture design and the final supply of mature product chips for the customers, we all have excellent engineers team and project managers to provide professional and efficient decryption, redesign to production agent and so on. Service.
In this respect, our company will provide the most suitable MCU crack service for customers in line with market demand. Under the premise of ensuring 100% reduction chip, we can make appropriate adjustments, innovate processing and upgrade the original chip. With its own spirit of innovation, it reduces the cost of starting a business and provides the most cost-effective products for customers. Only in this way can enterprises have no worries and strive to open up the market.
The chips are decrypted for those uses
At present, MCU crack has the following applications:
1., copying other people's circuits, MCU crack will get people's programs, and they will be able to copy other electronic products.
2. get some secret algorithm, which is similar to 1, which is a more advanced copy.
3., there are also some lawless elements who decrypt others' bank card chips and get information about others' bank cards.
4. declassified chips to get higher user privileges, so that you can do some technology you know.
5. of course, some people MCU crack in order to prove their level and fun.
At present, our business mainly includes MCU crack , decryption of DSP, decryption of single chip computer, disassembly of program, chip design, wafer fabrication, copy chip (MCU crack ), PCB copy board, PCB board drawing design and processing, design of back principle map and schematic diagram, BOM table production, material substitute purchase, ODM/OEM/SMT agent substitute, prototype Production, software and hardware two development and other solutions. With the double drive of decryption and submission, the customer can realize the breakthrough and innovation of the latest technology. It is undoubtedly a big impetus for the research and development of domestic chip technology.
The importance of decryption of IC chips
The chip decryption is called MCU crack , IC cracking, and single chip computer decryption. Single chip computer attackers use special equipment or self-made equipment to exploit the vulnerabilities or software defects in chip design. Through a variety of technical means, the key information is extracted from the chip and the internal range of MCU is obtained. DSP, CPLD, PLD, AVR, ARM and other chips that can be burned to record programs and can be encrypted. For these encrypted locks that are positioned to be able to (lock) chips, ordinary programmers can't read them directly. We have a set of professional decryption methods and advanced attack devices to ensure the success of IC decryption.
The IC industry is a capital, technology, and talent intensive industry. Before the start of the country and the region, the United States and other first developing countries have been in the absolute leading position in technology, and the product market is basically monopolized. In the beginning, Chinese enterprises are very weak. IC industry needs a large scale of investment, the investment of a 12 inch 90nm production line is more than 5 billion dollars, the threshold is very high; technology and equipment update quickly, such as CAD equipment and software upgrading quickly, it makes it difficult for small and medium enterprises to choose and follow up, independent innovation is very difficult. And the MCU crack , through the introduction of digestion and absorption and innovation, rapid follow-up of the world's latest technology, at the same time, can also realize single chip disassembler, program modification and upgrading, the completion of the chip's continuous innovation.
In the core technology patent war, the reverse research technology, such as chip break and circuit board copying board, is generally not open, because only through reverse engineering can we understand the whole set of technical data and production documents of the original product, and then through these data comparison and analysis, it is clear whether the plagiarism is infringed. At present, Flying star (http://www.icunlock-mcucdrack.com/) has developed into a complete set of MCU crack program research services, integrated circuit intellectual property rights and patent analysis services, as well as compatibility chip reverse and redesign services, which can provide professional patent infringement forensics at any time.


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