Laptop/Notebook password Unlock tools

  • laptop unlock tools

Notebook/Laptop password -breaking unlock system, including a programming console and decryption software of two parts:
1, programming console, form a complete set

Notebook/laptop password programmer latest 2012 laptop decryption special programming console, support on laptops 24 C, 25, 93 C series eeprom chip and 24 RF08, IBM T43 all IBM after notebook computer password chip.

(Programmers (including: programmers (host, the corresponding 24 RF \ 24 C \ 25 X \ 93 C adapter, usb cable and power cable.)

Notebook BIOS programmer at present a lot of the laptop models password, is in the BIOS, so add BIOS programmer

laptop password unlock tools

SPI BIOS programmer, support all of the 8 leg SPI BIOS chip; Programmers (including: programmers (host, the corresponding SSOP adapter, usb cable and power cable.

2,, decryption CD content:
CD part directory as follows (content enrich, please have bought decryption material of netizens letter, for information update)
AVI: maintenance of notebook computer video.

The series of machine

® IBM declassified material (including solder locations, declassification procedures, reading and writing program, etc.). Support crack all kinds of IBM notebook! you can buy it alone! about $100/set;

laptop unlock tools

® DELL-CPI series BIOS backup: DELL series laptops BIOS backup.

® notebook password chip pictures: various types of notebook computer EEPROM chip position pictures, now has more than 70 kinds of models, and constantly expand.

® decryption chip backup file: various types of notebook computer EEPROM data backup, is now nearly 200 models of backup files, and constantly update.

® Toshiba laptop encryption method: including decryption floppy disks, decryption dog making method, read the password data clear password method, use short circuit discharge law clear password method, etc.

® DELL laptop encryption method. Including Dell DOS breaking program version 2.0, DOS breaking program version 2.20, Dell, Dell laptop serial number repair program short-circuit discharge law clear password method, etc. The latest-595-B and-2 A7B Keygen

® Sony laptop encryption method. Including Sony laptop DUMP code-breaking program, was the latest to release the demolition could calculate machine, program, just enter the serial number of the machine, it can calculate Sony laptops general this password, and really don't open machine software! Read the password data clear password method, etc. All types of SONY support crack notebook!

® SIEMENS (SIEMENS) laptop encryption method, containing Keygen.

® Fujitsu laptop encryption method, containing Keygen.

® HP/LG/ACER/Compaq is universal notebook, procedures, containing Keygen.

® Compaq (Compaq) laptop encryption method, containing Keygen.

® samsung laptops decryption method, containing Keygen.

® Phoenix BIOS (Phoenix BIOS) laptop encryption method, containing Keygen.

® code-breaking software: crack password software EEPROM notebook. General software, can solve IBM, DELL and ACER, HP, and so on of notebook computer software.

® enhanced code-breaking software: crack password software 2 notebook EEPROM, including 1.1 (DOS version) and 2.1 version (WINDOWS). General cracked software, IBM, DELL, can solve such as ACER, HP, Toshiba laptop computer software.

® manual cipher amending methods: introduce the method of notebook manually changed password, used to crack decryption software can't normal crack password files. This is the real stunt!

® eeprom1: maintenance notebook computer of accumulation of eeprom backup files, near 120.

® eeprom2: users from the declassification procedures backup, near 100.

® documentation: maintenance of notebook computer part of the document.

IBM t20t21t22. PDF: IBM notebook documentation.

Note: CD of the communist party of China provides six Keygen, each type of Keygen, must not only applies to the same style, as long as the error code of the same, you can use Keygen to work out this password.

Part of the backup CD of declassified documents and various models of EEPROM source notebook computer EEPROM chip in the location of the pictures.

laptop unlock tools

You can according to different types of notebook/laptop computer images, easily find eeprom chip.

laptop unlock tools

Below is IBM T43 instruction and after picture documents.

laptop unlock tools

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