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IC species: E (E) PROM/FLASH/Serial EPROM/MPU/MCU/PLD/CPLD, etc.
IC model: we can burn the chip model, including more than one hundred manufacturers of nearly 20000 kinds of chip

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On the single IC unlock service:
After several years' efforts, Flying star technology has studied the algorithm, architecture and technology of single chip microcomputer. The storage principle of single chip memory unit is carefully analyzed, and the minimum probability of the transition of each type of storage cell under the voltage of several volts is calculated. The IC unlock technology process carefully designed by Flying star technology ensures the absolute security of the decryption chip and the decryption cycle of the chip chip to the hour, which makes the reliability and success rate of the decryption very high. Flying star technology provides more than 30 kinds of decryption services for more than ten thousand types of singlechip, and it can decrypt the model of single chip microcomputer in the continuous update, and sincerely welcome you to call and call for the details of the decryption.
In addition, we can also provide special IC IC unlock, CPLD chip decryption, GAL/PAL chip decryption, FPGA IC unlock, DSP IC unlock, ARM chip decryption and IC model search and model identification and other services.
What is the decryption of the single chip computer?
The decryption of singlechip is through a certain equipment and method, directly to get the encrypted microcontroller in the burning and writing files, which can be used to copy the burning and write chips or back to the remittance of their own learning and reference research. Singlechip decryption, some people also called single chip computer decryption, chip decryption, IC unlock, single chip computer attack, single chip attack, MCU decryption, MCU decryption, single chip decryption, single chip computer decryption, single board computer decryption, and so on, English Name: MCU ATTACK, Remove lock bits from MCU, MCU break, MCU MCU.
Why do you want to decrypt the single chip computer?
At present, single chip microcomputer has penetrated into every field of our life, and it is almost impossible to find out which field has no trace of single chip microcomputer. Intelligent toys, anti-theft systems, missile navigation devices, control of various instruments on the aircraft, computer network communications and so on are inseparable from the microcontroller. SCM (MCU) usually has internal EEPROM / FLASH for users to store program and work data. In order to prevent unauthorized access or copy of a single chip computer program, most singlechips have encrypted lock or encryption bytes to protect the program. If the encryption lock location is enabled (locked) in programming, it is not possible to directly read the program in the microcontroller by ordinary programmer. But sometimes, because of some reasons, customers need to get the program inside the single chip, used to study study, find lost data or copy some chips, which needs to be deciphered by single chip computer.
Why do you choose to IC unlock the MCU in Flying Star Technology?
Research on chip encryption and decryption technology of 1. specialties
Since the organization of the Flying Star Technology IC unlock center, it has long focused on the design of the function of the encryption chip, the research of the software algorithm, the software realization of the algorithm, the realization of the hardware function, the design of the driver of the chip and so on. It is rich in the research field of encryption and decryption algorithms such as DES encryption, symmetric encryption, MD5 encryption and so on. The technical strength of experience and authority.
2. dedicated algorithm parsing software
The Flying Star Technology IC unlock center uses advanced international algorithm research software, which can fully export the code of the chip, and can analyze and discuss the code on the basis of the existing code.
3. international leading series of technical analytical equipment
Flying Star Technology IC unlock center uses advanced international IC professional testing equipment to accurately understand the core architecture and instruction code of all kinds of IC chips and singlechip.
4. skillful chip decryption team
The Flying Star Technology IC unlock center has a team of domestic experts with the most powerful technology in the field of chip decryption.
5. rich experience in decryption of singlechip
The Flying Star Technology chip declassified Center successfully cracked IC covering more than 30 series of tens of thousands of models.
6. strict decryption process of single chip microcomputer
Our carefully designed chip decryption technology process ensures the absolute security of the decryption chip and the decryption cycle of the chip chip to the hour, which makes the decryption reliability and success rate very high.
7. reasonable price of decryption of single chip microcomputer
The Flying Star Technology chip decryption center serves customers at the lowest price in the market, and has launched a number of super value rebate customers package plans.
8. ultra short single chip decryption cycle
Simple 51 singlechip decryption, AVR singlechip decryption and PIC single-chip decryption, 1 days completed (in an urgent number of hours completed); slightly responsible for the need to do FIB single IC unlock, completed within 2 days. The specific cycle of decryption depends on the model two of the single chip computer.


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