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MCU crack skills:
Before choosing the encryption chip, we need to fully investigate and understand the new progress of MCU crack technology, including which singlechip has been confirmed and can be cracked. Try not to choose the MCU which can be cracked or with the same series and the same type of chip to choose the new technology, new structure and short listing time. If ATMEGA88/ATMEGA88V can be used, the cost of cracking at home is about 1 million yuan, and the other can also be combined with CPLD, so the decryption cost is very high and deciphering is general. The CPLD is about 10 thousand.
Try not to use MCS51 series MCU microcomputer, because the MCU is the most popular in China, and it is also the most thorough research.
The original product of the product, generally has the characteristics of large output, so it is possible to choose MCU microcomputer to increase the difficulty of the counterfeiters' purchase, and choose some uncommon singlechip, such as Motorola singlechip. At present, the domestic will develop and use very few people familiar with Motorola singlechip, so the cost of cracking is also quite high. From about 8000~3 million.
Under the condition of design cost licensing, a smart card chip with a hardware self destruction function should be selected to effectively deal with physical attacks. In addition, when the program is designed, the time to the timing function, such as the use of 1 years, will automatically stop the operation of all functions, which will increase the cost of the cracker.
If conditions permit, two different types of SCM can be used to backup each other and verify each other, thus increasing the cost of MCU crack.
Polish off chips, models, and other information, or re print other models.
We can use the unmarked and unused flag bit or unit as the software symbol.
Using the A5 instruction in MCS-51, all the data in the world, including the English data, do not speak this instruction. In fact, this is a good encryption instruction. The A5 function is a two byte empty operation instruction encryption method with a two byte or three byte operating code after A5, because all disassembler software will not disassemble A5 instruction, cause positive The routine program disassemble the mess and execute the program without problem. The copycat can not change your source program.
It should be written on the development time of your big name unit and the parlance of imitation, in order to obtain legal protection; in addition, when writing your name, it can be random, that is to say, using some kind of algorithm, under different external conditions, your name is different, such as husoon1011, jisppm1012 and so on, so it is more difficult to reverse the remittance. Edit and modify.
The use of high-grade programmers, burning the internal part of the pin, how to burn down, you can refer to: SCM chip burning method and MCU crack.difficut mcu crack
The whole circuit board is sealed with the secrecy silica gel (epoxy resin sealing glue). There are many unused soldering plates on PCB, and some unused components can be doped in the silica gel. At the same time, the electronic components around the MCU circuit can be wiped out as much as possible.
To SyncMos, Winbond single chip, will convert the file to HEX file, so the program space automatically added 00, if you are used to the BIN file, you can also use the programmer to change the FF in the blank area to 00, so the general MCU crack can not find the space in the chip, and can not carry out the subsequent decryption. Do.