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Shenzhen Flying satar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. Its office address is located in Huaqiang North Road. The founder of the company has been engaged in IC chip design and MCU design work for many years. Since its inception, the company has launched in-depth cooperation with the institutes and enterprises, the company's business from the original chip decryption (MCU decryption or IC decryption), PCB board and other reverse engineering research mainly developed to cover the core now. MCU decryption, PCB board copy, reverse analysis of chips and electronic products, localization and imitation of imported equipment, intellectual property analysis and identification of chip and electronic products patents, chip and competitive analysis of electronic products business. Since its inception, in consumer electronics, industrial automation control equipment, automotive electronics, medical equipment, large equipment, civil and military products. DSP chips, ARM chips, CPLD and other MCU products have undertaken many projects, through reverse research to provide customers with fast learning advanced design methods, rapid completion of their own product design, for large-scale equipment to provide technical support for the localization. In order to avoid patent disputes and patent and intellectual property appraisal to provide technical basis for large-scale enterprises to provide competitive analysis in the process of product design, from a technical point of view to make a comparison with competitors'products, to help enterprises improve their own product technological competitiveness. The Laboratory of Shenzhen Flying Sata Technology Co., Ltd. has advanced scientific research equipment, such as laser chip opening IC Decap equipment, optical microscope, scanning electron microscope SEM, focused ion beam FIB, probe table, etc. Has its own design of the MCU decryption device, microcontroller program analysis software, PCB copy board software. Shenzhen Flying Sata Technology Team has rich experience in laboratory equipment application, chip software extraction, PCB circuit mapping, program and circuit analysis, secondary development. Shenzhen Flying Sata Technology Support Enterprises and research institutes learn advanced design efficiently and quickly, and can quickly launch their own products in a short time. At the same time, we advocate respect for patents and intellectual property rights and respect others' achievements in technological innovation. In the future, Shenzhen Flying Sata Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to cooperate more deeply with more individuals or research institutes with technology R&D capability and with enterprises willing to invest capital in this industry to do more work for chip design and electronic product development in China.


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