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NEC IC crack and NEC MCU unlock electronics company recently launched its three new 16 full flash microcontroller (MCU), has an embedded IEEE802.15.4 compatible 2400 MHZ (GHz) radio frequency (RF) transceiver, used for ZigBee RF4CE, in line with the remote control in the consumer electronics industry standards. New NEC IC crack and NEC MCU unlock is very suitable for application in RF remote control, to provide the industry the lowest power consumption level. Three new NEC IC crack and NEC MCU unlock using 56 pins and 8 x 8 mm square flat leadless (QFN) encapsulation, flash memory device types according to its storage capacity to order: upD78F8056 with 64000 bytes (KB) flash memory, uPD78F8057 has 96 KB, uPD78F8058 has 128 KB.
  • NEC decryption series:
  • NEC unlock series:
  • uPD78F0132H [LQFP64 10x10] DIL40/QFP64-4 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0132H [TQFP64 12x12] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0132H [LQFP64 14x14] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0133H [LQFP64 10x10] DIL40/QFP64-4 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0133H [TQFP64 12x12] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0133H [LQFP64 14x14] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0134H [LQFP64 10x10] DIL40/QFP64-4 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0134H [TQFP64 12x12] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0134H [LQFP64 14x14] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0136H [LQFP64 10x10] DIL40/QFP64-4 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0136H [TQFP64 12x12] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0136H [LQFP64 14x14] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0138H [LQFP64 10x10] DIL40/QFP64-4 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0138H [TQFP64 12x12] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0138H [LQFP64 14x14] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0138HD [LQFP64 10x10] DIL40/QFP64-4 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0138HD [TQFP64 12x12] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0138HD [LQFP64 14x14] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0138 [LQFP64 10x10] DIL40/QFP64-4 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0138 [LQFP64 14x14] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0138 [TQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0138 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0500 [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0500 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0501 [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0501 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0502 [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0502 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0503 [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0503D [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0503 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0511 [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0511 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0511 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0512 [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0512 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0512 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0513 [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0513 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0513D [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0513 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0514 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0514 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0515 [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0515D [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0515 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0531 [LQFP64 10x10] DIL48/QFP64-4 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0531 [LQFP64 12x12] DIL48/QFP64-2 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0531 [LQFP64 14x14] DIL48/QFP64-3 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0531 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0532 [LQFP64 10x10] DIL48/QFP64-4 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0532 [LQFP64 12x12] DIL48/QFP64-2 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0532 [LQFP64 14x14] DIL48/QFP64-3 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0532 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0533 [LQFP64 10x10] DIL48/QFP64-4 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0533 [LQFP64 12x12] DIL48/QFP64-2 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0533 [LQFP64 14x14] DIL48/QFP64-3 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0533 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0534 [LQFP64 10x10] DIL48/QFP64-4 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0534 [LQFP64 12x12] DIL48/QFP64-2 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0534 [LQFP64 14x14] DIL48/QFP64-3 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0534 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0535 [LQFP64 10x10] DIL48/QFP64-4 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0535 [LQFP64 12x12] DIL48/QFP64-2 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0535 [LQFP64 14x14] DIL48/QFP64-3 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0535 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0536 [LQFP64 10x10] DIL48/QFP64-4 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0536 [LQFP64 12x12] DIL48/QFP64-2 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0536 [LQFP64 14x14] DIL48/QFP64-3 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0536 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0537 [LQFP64 10x10] DIL48/QFP64-4 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0537 [LQFP64 12x12] DIL48/QFP64-2 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0537 [LQFP64 14x14] DIL48/QFP64-3 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0537D [LQFP64 10x10] DIL48/QFP64-4 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0537D [LQFP64 12x12] DIL48/QFP64-2 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0537D [LQFP64 14x14] DIL48/QFP64-3 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0537 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0988A [QFP64] DIL40/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F4218A [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -5
    uPD78F4218A (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F4218AY [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -5
    uPD78F4218AY (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F9046 [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9116A [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F9116A (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F9116B [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F9116B (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F9136A [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F9136A (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F9136B [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F9136B (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F9177 [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9177 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
    uPD78F9177Y [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9177Y [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
    uPD78F9177Y [TQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9177A (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F9177A [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9177A [TQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9177AY (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F9177AY [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9177AY [TQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9189 [SDIP32] DIL32/SDIP32 ZIF 400mil
    uPD78F9200 [SSOP10] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
    uPD78F9201 [SSOP10] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
    uPD78F9202 [SSOP10] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
    uPD78F9210 [SSOP16] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
    uPD78F9211 [SSOP16] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
    uPD78F9212 [SSOP16] DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil
    uPD78F9221 [SSOP20] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F9222 [SSOP20] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F9232 [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F9234 [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F9852 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F9852 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F9418A (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD75P008GB [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
    uPD43256B [SOP28] DIL44/SOIC44 ZIF-CS
    uPD43256B [TSOP28] DIL28/TSOP28 ZIF 11.8mm
    uPD431000A [SOP32] DIL44/SOIC44 ZIF-CS
    uPD431000A [TSOP32] DIL32/TSOP32 ZIF 18.4mm
  • 8755A
    uPD27C256A [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 330mil
    uPD27C512 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 330mil
    uPD27C1001A [SOP32] DIL44/SOIC44 ZIF-CS
    uPD27C2001 [SOP32] DIL44/SOIC44 ZIF-CS
    uPD27C4000 [SOP40] DIL44/SOIC44 ZIF-CS
    uPD27C8000 [PSOP44] DIL44/PSOP44 ZIF 600mil
    uPD28C64 [SOIC28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 330mil
    PD29F008Lxx-xxxB [TSOP40] DIL40/TSOP40 ZIF 18.4mm
    PD29F008Lxx-xxxT [TSOP40] DIL40/TSOP40 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032204-AT [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032204-AB [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032204-BT [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032204-BB [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032203-AT [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032203-AB [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032203-BT [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032203-BB [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032202-AT [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032202-AB [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032202-BT [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD29F032202-BB [TSOP48] DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm
    uPD70F3017A [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -2
    uPD70F3017A (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD70F3033A [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -2
    uPD70F3033AY [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -2
    uPD70F3079A [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100-1 ZIF -3
    uPD70F3079A (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD70F3114 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3114 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD70F3261 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3261Y [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3263 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3263Y [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3271 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3271Y [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3273 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3273Y [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3281 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3281Y [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3283 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3283Y [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3715 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3716 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3717 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3718 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD70F3719 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -1
    uPD75P0016 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
    uPD75P0016 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
    uPD75P0076 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
    uPD75P0116 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
    uPD75P0116 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
    uPD75P068 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
    uPD75P068 [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
    uPD75P54 [SOP20] DIL44/SOIC44 ZIF-CS
    uPD75P64 [SOP20] DIL44/SOIC44 ZIF-CS
    uPD78P014 DIL32/SDIP64 ZIF 78K-1
    uPD78P014Y DIL32/SDIP64 ZIF 78K-1
    uPD78P014FY DIL32/SDIP64 ZIF 78K-1
    uPD78P014 [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS 78K-1
    uPD78P014Y [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS 78K-1
    uPD78P014FY [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS 78K-1
    uPD78P018Y DIL32/SDIP64 ZIF 78K-1
    uPD78P018FY DIL32/SDIP64 ZIF 78K-1
    uPD78P018Y [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS 78K-1
    uPD78P018FY [QFP64] DIL48/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS 78K-1
    uPD78P054 [QFP80] DIL32/QFP80 ZIF 78P05x
    uPD78P054 [TQFP80] DIL32/TQFP80 ZIF 78P05x
    uPD78P064 [QFP100 14x20] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF-CS -4
    uPD78P064Y [QFP100 14x20] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF-CS -4
    uPD78P064B [QFP100 14x20] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF-CS -4
    uPD78P083 [SDIP42] DIL42/SDIP42 ZIF 600mil
    uPD78P083 [QFP44-1] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
    uPD78P083 [QFP44-2] DIL44/TQFP44-3 ZIF
    uPD78P0308 [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -6
    uPD78P0308 [QFP100 14x20] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF-CS -4
    uPD78P0308Y [LQFP100] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF -6
    uPD78P0308Y [QFP100 14x20] DIL48/QFP100 ZIF-CS -4
    uPD78F0034A (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0034A [LQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0034A [QFP64] DIL40/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0034A [TQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0034AY (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0034AY [LQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0034AY [QFP64] DIL40/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0034AY [SDIP64] DIL48/SDIP64 ZIF -2
    uPD78F0034AY [TQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0034B (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0034B [QFP64] DIL40/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0034B [LQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0034B [TQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0034BY (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0034BY [QFP64] DIL40/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0034BY [LQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0034BY [TQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0078 [QFP64] DIL40/QFP64-1 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0078 [LQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF -1
    uPD78F0078 [TQFP64] DIL40/QFP64-2 ZIF-CS -1
    uPD78F0078 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0103 [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0103 (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0101H [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0101H (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0102H [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0102H (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0103H [SSOP30] DIL44/SSOP44 ZIF 240mil
    uPD78F0103H (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0112H [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0112H (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0113H [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0113H (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0114H [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0114H (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor
    uPD78F0114HD [LQFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF
    uPD78F0114HD (ISP-SPI) Note: via ISP contor

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