High success rate and high difficulty IC unlock

1,The chip model is be polished still can unlock?

We often encounter customers need to decipher the chip or microcontroller model is polished, do not know the specific model, they ask us if we can unlock, for this case, the Institute can be polished off the model identification or replacement model identification of the chip for accurate model judgment and confirmation.
We will ask customers to mail the chip to us first , by our engineers through a certain equipment and methods to judge the chip model, received the customer chip, first judge the model, if not judged, returned to the customer; if judged the chip model, and we can crack, then we will provide customers with a single-chip microcomputer. Declassified price and cycle.
We can provide accurate model identification service for most unknown chips. If you have unknown model of microchip or IC unlock requirements, please contact the Institute.

2,IC unlock advance deposit refund:

In order to safeguard the rights and interests of both sides, we will charge you a certain deposit after confirming that IC unlock,Because the microcontroller decryption is irreversible, once the implementation of the IC unlock research and decryption process will produce related fees, to collect a certain deposit to the customer, is not only the protection of our rights and interests, but also responsible for the customer, the general formal decryption company will require customers to pay deposit in advance.
Of course, to confirm that we can not decrypt the chip or microcontroller, we will not charge customers a deposit, in addition, for some experimental decryption projects or our company to provide free decryption testing projects, we will not charge a deposit.
On the issue of deposit refund, our company promises to our customers that before the IC unlock is actually implemented, if the customer does not decrypt, we do not invest manpower and material resources, we will return 100% of the deposit to our customers. At the same time, after the decryption is completed, or prove that our factors caused the failure of decryption, we refund all. Deposit, however, for such cases, customers need to conduct sample testing in our company site, we need to confirm that the failure of decryption can refund the full deposit.
If we have entered the secret phase, and customers do not want to decrypt the chip, as has caused our fees, so we need to charge customers a certain fee, not all deposit refund, please understand.

3, The original chip will be returned after the IC unlock is completed?

Some customers are concerned about whether we can return the master card to them after unlock IC is finished, and we need to explain to the customers:
In principle, we can not return the original chip. Because the hardware way to do the microcontroller decryption, chip opened, there are traces of our circuit modification, may lead to our technology leakage, so this method can not be returned to the master! For software decryption, there are also small traces of our decryption, but the possibility of such a leak is very small, in special circumstances can be returned to the customer, but we need to charge some fees to clear the traces of my decryption. But for GAL16V8/A/B, GAL22V10/B, PALCE16V8H, 20V8H can return to the master film, this can be done in a very simple way, and leave no trace of us.