SONIX (Song Han) SCM old chips using ordinary encryption fuse encryption, MCU crack small alone, if it is dissatisfied with the data, Shanghai electronic can MCU crack open 30 minutes, even full data, if urgent, Flying star 3 hours can MCU crack open. In 2012, SONIX introduced the chip SN8P2711B, the latest encryption method. This chip completely replaces the SN8P2711, but the encryption method is totally different. In addition to using the original SN8P2501 encryption method, the encryption location is lower and the reading function is also removed Test and are 0000), in addition to using a 1024-bit password bit verification method to prevent the client's program is MCU crack.   In view of the current extensive demand for study and research in the domestic market, uses advanced technology and equipment to provide SN8P2711B decryption, the fastest 3 hours MCU crack you the best (except copper wire aluminum binding, that time is longer) Even if not in a hurry, in accordance with the general speed of the next day can give you complete SN8P2711B full data MCU crack.

  • Sonix chip crack series:
  • Sonix chip unlock SERIES:
  • N8P2704AS [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2705AP [PDIP32]
    SN8P2706AP [PDIP40]
    SN8P2707AQ [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
    SN8P2708AP [PDIP48]
    SN8P2708AQ [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
    SN8P2708AX [SSOP48] DIL48/SSOP48 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2714K [SKDIP28]
    SN8P2714S [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P27142P [PDIP18]
    SN8P27142S [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P27143P [PDIP20]
    SN8P27143S [SOP20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P27143X [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
    SN8P2715P [PDIP32]
  • SN8P2602AP [PDIP18]
    SN8P2602AS [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2602AX [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
    SN8P2602BP [PDIP18]
    SN8P2602BS [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2602BX [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
    SN8P2603AP [PDIP18]
    SN8P2603AS [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2603AX [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
    SN8P2604K [SKDIP28]
    SN8P2604S [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2604X [SSOP28] DIL34/SSOP34 ZIF 200mil
    SN8P2604AK [SKDIP28]
    SN8P2604AS [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2604AX [SSOP28] DIL34/SSOP34 ZIF 200mil
    SN8P26042P [PDIP20]
    SN8P26042S [SOP20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P26042X [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
    SN8P26042AP [PDIP20]
    SN8P26042AS [SOP20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P26042AX [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
    SN8P2606P [PDIP40]
    SN8P2608P [PDIP48]
    SN8P2608X [SSOP48] DIL48/SSOP48 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2622P [PDIP18]
    SN8P2622S [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2622X [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
    SN8P2624K [SKDIP28]
    SN8P2624S [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
    SN8P2624X [SSOP28] DIL34/SSOP34 ZIF 200mil