TOP 2000bs programmer



  • top2000bs
    • Features:

      ★ 40-pin high-quality universal zero-plug power socket, excellent performance, long life, can not rely on the adapter can be programmed directly most of the microcontroller and memory.

      ★ The RS232 serial port connected with the PC communication, communication speed 115200bps, for the anti-jamming performance, reliability, high one-off special for all the programming (OTP) devices for notebook computers and desktop use.Can automatically detect the computer processing speed, programming speed has nothing to do with computer performance, suitable for 486 to P-III computers.

      ★ provide WINDOWS95/98/2000/ME/NT/XT Chinese software interface, the new Chinese language interface.

      ★ plastic casing, small size, light weight, low power consumption (static <50mA)

      ★ automatically detecting chip manufacturers and models

      ★ Perfect over-current protection, over current limit of 0.1 seconds automatically cut off power supply

      >★ automatically detect the chip is plugged in, there is misplaced error.

      Technical performance:
      TOP2000BS Universal programmer can burn Intel, Atmel, LG, Philips, Winbond and other 51 series, AT90S series, PIC12C, PIC16 MCU, 28,29,39,49,24 C, 93C, NV RAM, you can test 74,40,45 series of digital circuits.Support thousands of chips, it is suitable for reading and writing the computer BIOS, VCD memory.The following devices can be programmed:
      * EPROM: the manufacturers 2716-27080
      * EEPROM: the manufacturers 28,29,39,48,49 Series flesh and EEPROM.
      * MPU / MCU: 51 series (Intel, Atmel, LG, Philips, Winbond)
      * PIC series (12c, 16c5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x) can support all PIC microcontroller 8,18,28,40 foot, burn OTP MCU extremely reliable.
      * Serial Memory: (24Cxxx, 93Cxx)
      * PLD: (16v8x, 20v8x, 22v10A
      * Test the static RAM 6264-628256
      * Test 74,40,45 Series Universal IC good or bad
      * Automatic detection of unknown type chip can support 74 series, 40 series, 45 series
      * The quality of testing optocoupler

      TOP2000BS universal programmer and a number of low-cost difference between universal-type programmer:

      Currently on the market in order to meet some of the demand for low-income beginners to learn microcomputer introduced a number of low-cost universal-type programmer, the price of these programmers are generally below 200 yuan, and we are here to provide TOP2000BS biggest difference between universal programmeris that they support the programming of the MCU chip less, generally in support of some 51 computers.And to reduce costs generally do not shell programmer, made of bare board structure, and some cost savings in order to further control the use of computer parallel port, serial ports using the parallel port is not easy, but easy to damage the electric plug parallel interface chip computer's motherboard, and the parallel port of the leadmuch lower output level TTL level, when the connection longer or when the error-prone environment interference, and even some parallel port programmer is directly dependent on computer control (similar to the soft cat), we all know real-time multi-task system is WINDOWS system, the computerrespond to higher priority interrupt, and microcontroller programming on the timing demanding, so this type of programmer error-prone, resulting in program failure.


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