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      Is the TOP852 TOP853 upgrade products, using the latest TopWin software, compared to TOP852 better compatibility and stability.TOP853-based programmer has a small size, only 142x103x23 (TOP852 volume is 168x115x26), low power consumption, high reliability, is designed to develop various types of memory, microcontroller and the programming designed for popular models.USB Universal Serial TOP853 and PC using connected communications, high transmission rate, interference performance, reliability can be high, especially for the programming of various disposable (OTP) and electrical erase the device.

      TopWin TOP series programmer for the development of supporting software and hardware products for next-generation TOP.>TopWin changed the product of a previous TOP model corresponds to a software approach, unified action by the TopWin different types of hardware devices.TopWin can automatically identify the type of hardware to determine its function.TopWin Once a successful connection with the equipment will be in the bottom of the window shows the name of the hardware device.TopWin basic models currently supported are TOP853, TOP2004, TOP2005, TOP2048.Future development of new models have a new version will be TopWin support.TopWin support multi-window operation, that is, you can connect more than one computer programmer programming the device without any interference, the editor of the models, can be the same, it can be different, TopWin opened by the queue order All of the equipment, in theory, no limit to the number of connections, TopWin support Windows98se/Me/2000/XP and other operating systems.


      Support 5V device;

      Using the USB interface, power supply, no external power supply;

      With the PC through USB universal serial port connected, transfer rate of 12MHz / s;

      That is suitable for battery-powered notebook computer use, also suitable for desktop use;

      Perfect over-current protection, effective protection against damage and device programmer;

      USB loading capacity testing (0-10);

      Locking 40-pin universal socket;

      In WINDOWS98SE/ME/2000/XP run;

      Plastic case, small size, light weight, low power consumption;

      Automatic detection of manufacturers and models;

      SCM timing, programming speed has nothing to do with the computer;

      Support Devices:
      ◎ EPROM: the manufacturers 2716-27080;
      ◎ EEPROM: 28,29,39,49 series of flesh and the manufacturers EEPROM;
      ◎ MPU / MCU: 51 series Intel, Atmel, LG, Philips, Winbond;
      ◎ Test Static RAM 6264-628256
      memory: 24Cxxx, 93Cxx

      Performance and specifications:

      Software: TopWin (for windows98se/2000/m3/xp)

      Size: 142 x 103 x 23

      Weight: 250g

      Power: <2.5w (5v/500mA)

      Lock Block: 40 Pin domestic socket


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