HING DAHL company
For ZILOG IC unlock and MCU crack and ZILOG SCM, our center has made a series of technical achievement, can provide preferential price ZILOG chip decryption and ZILOG IC unlock and MCU crack service. ZiLOG company by industry pioneer Federico Faggin and Ralph Ungermann was founded in 1974. The company production of Z80 series controller has been widely used. In 1998, TPG (the Texas Pacific Group) acquired ZiLOG company, design and production experience, according to the ZiLOG company will market positioning in three aspects: communication, home entertainment and integrated control. At present, the ZiLOG proprietary design company has a complete information reference room, in California, Texas, Idaho state, Washington four design center, established in the state of Idaho has advanced manufacturing factory, Manila in the Philippines have a testing factory. The company's new product is eZ80, it is on the basis of Z80 embedded Internet and DSP (digital audio processing) functions. Products with IR, microcontrollers and microprocessors, PCMCIA, PC peripherals, TV controller and wireless products and so on.
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