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PCB reverse engineering

Electronic product copy reverse engineering, PCB clone, circuit board copy, Multilayer printed circuit board with blind hole to reverse analysis.


Unlock IC

Crack Renesas, NEC decryption,TI-DSP, Freescale, ARM unlock, ST7,AVR, PIC, 51 series and other difficult chip decoding unlock.


In order to provide convenience for customers,we can mention sample production of electronic products, batch PCBA and welding.

Component procurement

Product evaluation -> Unlock IC ->PCB copy->PCB manufacturing ->BOM components procurement -> sample production -> mass production in one of the service enterprises.


OROD Technology Company

For the IC decryption of high difficulty chip, multi-layer complex PCB copy. Shenzhen OROD invested a lot of time and money. So far, we have provided IC crack and printed circuit board clone services to dozens of countries worldwide. The majority of customers have praised the company!

Shenzhen OROD provides IC decoding price evaluation and free testing. The company has many software and hardware engineers: high technology and rich experience. Suppose you fail in other companies. You can send it to us. We promise a high success rate and a reasonable fee. Company commitment: IC decryption failure does not charge!

We have focused on the research and development of serious difficulty IC unlock and multi-layer PCB reverse engineering. Willing to provide you with 24-hour sincere service. For some IC chips with low price decode and high decryption success rate. Our company can unlock IC for customers before collecting the deposit. Please note: many cheaters are offering lower prices to entice customers. They cannot unlock your chip and destroy your original product. In the end, you’ll lose more time and money.

Unlock IC FAQ

Other names for IC Unlock include IC Crack, IC Attack, and IC Decryption. The IC of finished items is often encrypted. IC unlock services include using semiconductor reverse engineering techniques to unlock the IC. After the IC crack, the programmer may read the IC's program.

The price range of IC crack is relatively large, mainly depends on the specific model!
Since I was engaged in IC crackers, I have often received all kinds of questions from customers. Today, let’s explain why IC cracker is also aimed at chips, and there is such a big price difference? Some chips cost only a few dozens USD, while others cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands?

For this kind of IC, we need to open the cover of the chip and identify the real model of the chip. You can then determine whether successful cracking is supported. In this case, the original IC will be broken

Important note: there are risks in IC decryption any chip. Many businesses promise a 100% success rate before decryption IC. That’s the past! The probability of success is also relative. Even a simple IC decryption process may fail because of one of the factors. Therefore, the success rate of 100% is the words of some advertisements. Please be prepared!

The customer sends the specific model of the chip – > quote – > send samples (1-2 pieces) – > we test – >confirm chip support unlock- > customer pays 50% of the deposit – > start work – > complete decryption – > send two new samples for test – customer pays the balance – > send the program to customer

After MCU unlock, disassembly will get assembly language, not “C “or “Java”. If you can understand assembly language, you can certainly modify it. You can only modify simple in the hex file, such as name, model, quantity, etc.If you need to reverse program from burning files to C language programs, the cost is very high!

Some chips are usually found after hard unlocking, and the program is also encrypted. In this case, we need professional software engineers to repair the code so that it can work successfully! However, some too complex soft encryption MCU may not be 100% repaired successfully.

Important note: for chips with long sample delivery time, high freight cost, low IC crack price, and high IC crack success rate. Customers can request the program directly after decryption. However, if you test is not successful, the customer needs to provide the original product or PCB board for us. If you don’t cooperate with the test, we can’t refund it. After We try to determine that the program has problems or IC crack problems, we can refund customers!Especially for new customers, please consider carefully. There are risks in unlocking any chip. We can’t say 100% success!

As long as we ask MCU unlock customers to get MCU chips through legal channels, and It uses MCU crak in legal ways, such as repairing broken equipment, redeveloping programs, learning other people’s advanced programming methods, or retrieving their lost data, etc. When we crack MCU, the decryption association stipulates that customers must crack for legitimate purposes.
MCU unlocks a legal means to understand information, but the learned information must comply with intellectual property law.

Notes for chip decryption payment:
1. For simple and cheap chip projects, we can  decryption and pay the full amount at one time, and we will send the program;
2. For complex and difficult chip decryption, it is recommended that the customer test new samples after paying 50% deposit. Make sure there is no problem and then pay the full amount. If the customer insists on paying the full amount, get the project procedure directly. Follow up work, customers must cooperate with our work! Otherwise, it will bring losses and bear the risks.!
3. Payment method: PayPal, alijpay and other methods can be supported for small amounts, and bank T / T, Western Union and monygram must be used for large amounts

Why Choose Us


High success rate

Rich experience enables us to provide a 99% success rate for customer’s IC decryption.All kinds of PCB reverse engineering circuit diagrams are 100% correct.

high difficulty

High difficulty

Select the equipment to ensure that we can complete the customer’s project in a short time for decryption IC.Have rich experience in reverse engineering of precision printed circuit board with blind hole in multilayer board.


No risk

Most of the chips support unlock MCU first and then deposit, no charge if they fail. And promisd:Printed circuit board copy file 1:1 with your original correct!


High efficiency

Select the equipment to ensure that we can complete the customer’s project in a short time for cracking IC.
we can be competent for quick and complicated PCB reverse analysis of various multilayer boards.

one stop doluyion

Low Price

Compared with our peers for PCB reverse engineering, our price will not be higher than others. The important thing is that our technology and service are right, and we don’t charge if we fail.Most of the chips support unlock MCU first and then deposit, no charge if they fail.


One-stop solution for product cloning

IC decryption and MCU crack, PCB reverse engineering, PCBA and PCB processing, complete solution.

Our Happy Clients!

“Before I found the OROD company, I lost a lot of time and money. The OROD company helped us successfully cracked stm32f302. They successfully unlocked r5f54189, r5f113pl, r5f2123, and copied PCB. I appreciate their rich experience in IC unlock and their ability in PCB reverse engineering!”​


John Doe

“We have cooperated with this company for five years. I am the CEO of a technology company in the UAE. They can help us crack many complicated chips. such as stm32f303, TMS320 series, NEC series, Renesas series, r5f212, ST series, etc,I hope there will be more cooperation“



“I am an engineer from the United States. we unlocked a product IC: stm32f105, NEC uPD78F0523 100% success. High-quality PCB reverse engineering services. We cloned the whole product and mass production, OROD trustworthy and reliable, We want to join them and become their branch!”


Aly Rowmein

The survey proportion of customer satisfaction shows

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Our company has made an order statistics for cracking IC, PCB reverse engineering,PCBA, SMT, etc.

PCB reverse engineering
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Component procurement
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