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There are thousands of companies on the Internet that claim to be able to do chip decryption and PCB reverse engineering company, which is dazzling. How to choose?

In the face of so many unlock IC and PCB copy websites, these companies can be classified into the following three categories:

Companies that use UV wipe method to carry out IC unlock


There are many advantages of UV erasure: first, it’s easy to learn, and the threshold is very low, so you can easily master it as long as you have a junior high school degree; second, the cost of IC unlock is almost zero, and you can manually decrypt it on-site with the help of simple tools such as test tube beaker. Because of these two characteristics, hundreds of so-called SCM decryption companies have sprung up on the Internet in recent two years. Of course, the ultraviolet method also has its vast disadvantages: first, manual operation, easy to damage the chip, the success rate is low; second, the operation process requires the use of the concentrated acid solution, long-term contact, which has a great impact on the operator’s respiratory tract and mucosal system; third, the technical content of this method is too low, which is only useful for low-end MCU.

PCB reverse engineering is the leading company, unlock IC is the secondary company

This can be judged by whether their company’s website contains PCB business. Such companies are specialized in circuit board production and undertake IC crack business, by the way. Some of its IC decryption projects are processed by ultraviolet erasure, and some are decrypted by a professional MCU crack company.

3. Professional high-end unlock IC and PCB reverse engineering company.

Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of professional microelectronics engineers who are very familiar with the principle and architecture of high-end MCU and understand the IC manufacturing process at home and abroad. Shenzhen OROD can independently and effectively complete the highly difficult IC unlock and PCB reverse engineering. Among hundreds of MCU unlock companies in China, there are only one or two such high-end unlock IC companies!

Why you choose us?

1, Rich experience in IC decryption Our company unlock IC more than dozens of chips every day, and 20 years of chip decryption experience has been accumulated;

2, Independent decryption technology scheme High success rate, low cost, cost-effective, save your R & D cost and time;

3, Professional technical support We can provide the technical support of chip and MCU to write the program;

4,Our chip decryption has its own decryption scheme. The time is the fastest. For some urgent customers, we can complete it on the same day. 4,Our chip decryption has its own decryption scheme. The time is the fastest. For some urgent customers, we can complete it on the same day.

5,After decryption, we will introduce the simplest and cheap programming tools to customers. Most ICs now have download lines.For file format conversion, the download line generally identifies its own file suffix. For example, DSP is out and MSP430 is TXT .Strong PCB copy ability;
The range of plate-making technology and our company’s ten years of plate-making industry involved:
Wireless communication equipment: such as wireless base station;
Optical network transmission equipment: such as SDH, DWDM equipment;
Data communication equipment: such as a high-speed router, LAN switch, ADSL, etc.;
High-end computing equipment: server, motherboard, etc.;
Multimedia electronic equipment: TV, HDTV, DVD, DVB, LCDTV,PDP、LCOS,DLPO;
High power switching, power supply products: household appliances, computers, communications, switching power supply
PCB design;
Power electronic equipment: inverter, UPS, industrial power supply, industrial control board. various
Series industrial control PCB design;

Statement of legal liability:

Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. service scope: IC unlock, PCB copy, PCB clone, PCB production! The technical services we provide to our customers are limited to legal research, maintenance, learning, and other legal permission. If there is any legal dispute, it has nothing to do with our company. Customers should bear the responsibility by themselves. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Sending chip or PCB address:

Company name: Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd

Address: 2-5-7b, Zhonghai Rihuitai garden, Bantian street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
City: Shenzhen
Country: China
Postcode: 518129