dsPIC30F IC unlock successfully

OROD Technology has been researching various typical chips such as the dsPIC30F4011 series for a long time. At present, it has made breakthroughs in the research of the decryption of multiple series of MCU microcomputers. It is not only the first in the industry to crack the dsPIC30F4011 full-range MCU dsPIC30F2023 unlock but also in other types. The research on single-chip decryption has achieved a high technical level in the industry and successfully established an authoritative leadership position.

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PIC protects the code with a secret fuse. The user blows a fuse after burning the code, which is difficult for others to read. Therefore, the MCU crack is complicated, the MCU decryption cycle becomes more prolonged, and the single-chip decryption cost is relatively increased.

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OROD technology professional IC unlock made a significant breakthrough in the individual research of MICROCHIP (micro-core) PIC series unlock IC and cracking technology. At present, it can not only successfully translate most models of MICROCHIP (micro-core) PIC series MCU but also decrypt the cycle and decrypt. Cost and cost, decryption success rate, and other aspects have a higher level of technology.

MICROCHIP (micro-core) PIC series MCU unlock has always focused on research on MCU crack technology. Since PIC protects the code with a secret fuse, the user blows a fuse after burning the system, which is difficult for others to read, so the MCU’s unlock complicated. High, the decryption cycle of the MCU becomes correspondingly longer, and the decryption cost of the MCU relatively increases.

The following are some of the models that can be solved by OROD Technology MICROCHIP (micro-core) PIC30 series MCU for customer inquiry:

dsPIC30F1010 dsPIC30F2010 dsPIC30F2011 dsPIC30F2012 dsPIC30F2020 dsPIC30F2023 dsPIC30F3010 dsPIC30F3011 dsPIC30F3012 dsPIC30F3013 dsPIC30F3014 dsPIC30F4011 dsPIC30F4012 dsPIC30F4013 dsPIC30F5011 dsPIC30F5013 dsPIC30F5015 dsPIC30F5016 dsPIC30F6010 dsPIC30F6011 dsPIC30F6011 dsPIC30F6012 dsPIC30F6013 dsPIC30F6013 dsPIC30F6014 dsPIC30F6014 dsPIC30F6015 series chip unlock .

Due to the continuous update of the chip model and the decryption technology’s ongoing development. What cannot update some chip models in time? For more detailed models, please come to the inquiry! Also, the company can decrypt the PIC10XXX series, PIC12XXX series, PIC14XX series, PIC16FXX series, PIC16CEXX series, PIC17CXX series, PIC18FXX, PIC24HJXX series. For specific model inquiries, please call us for details.


Note: This data sheet summarizes the dsPIC30F family of devices’ features but should not be used as an all-inclusive reference manual. For more information on CPU, peripherals, register descriptions, and general device features refer to the “dsPIC30F Family Reference Manual” (DS70046). For more information on the device instruction set and programming, refer to the “dsPIC30F/33F Programmer’s Reference Manual” (DS70157).

This document gives specific information on the dsPIC30F6011A/6012A/6013A/6014A Digital Signal Controller (DSC) devices. The dsPIC30F device incorporates a rich digital signal processor (DSP) function dsPIC30F6013A/6014A block diagram in its high-performance 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) architecture.

dsPIC30F6014A pin diagram:

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