GD32F103 crack successfully

The GD32F103 series is the mainstream series of GD MCUs. It has also been recognized and used by many customers in the market. The 108M clock speed, Flash up to 3MB, RAM up to 96KB, and the addition of USB, CAN, and SDIO resources based on GD32F101 series. For these resources, customers offer products ranging from 36pin to 144pin, which can use in all areas of the market.


GD32F103T4U6, GD32F103T6U6, GD32F103T8U6, GD32F103TBU6
GD32F103C4T6, GD32F103C6T6, GD32F103C8T6, GD32F103CBT6
GD32F103R4T6, GD32F103R6T6, GD32F103R8T6, GD32F103RBT6
GD32F103V8T6, GD32F103VBT6, GD32F103RCT6, GD32F103RDT6
GD32F103RET6, GD32F103RFT6

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