Multilayer PCB Copy Successfully

Multilayer PCB copy not only includes technical processes such as circuit board file extraction, circuit board cloning, and circuit board imitation but also provides for the modification of circuit board files (that is, board modification), the extraction of three-dimensional data for electronic product shape molds and model imitation (i.e., Copying), copying all kinds of electronic components on the electronic product circuit board, decrypting the encrypted chip or MCU on the circuit board, disassembling the electronic product system software, etc.


MODEL NAME Package Quantity Tag
Chip resistor 0R 1% R0207 1 R97
1R 1% R0204 1 R119
5.1R 1% R0207 1 R74
10R 1% R0204 2 R102 R103
12R 1% R0204 1 R104
47R 1% R0207 2 R58 R95
1K 1% R0207 2 R94 R96
1.2K 1% R0204 R98 R99 R100 R101
22.6K 1% R0207 2 R59 R93
75K 1% R0207 2 R1 R10
270K 1% R0207 3 R67 R68 R116
Chip capacitors 0R 5% R0805 4 R45 R47 R48 R71
100R 1% R0805 5 R3 R4 R5 R46 R70
127R 1% R0805 1 R43
200R 1% R0805 6 R18 R21 R22 R26 R28 R30
332R 1% R0805 3 R6 R7 R24
374R 1% R0805 1 R44
475R 1% R0805 3 R42 R79 R155
562R 1% R0805 4 R62 R64 R65 R66
1K 1% R0805 6 R17 R50 R51 R53 R60 R105
1.07K 1% R0805 1 R32
1.82K 1% R0805 1 R78
4.75K 1% R0805 18 R8 R9 R12 R14 R15 R19
5.62K 1% R0805 3 R16 R34 R54
8.25K 1% R0805 1 R40
10K 1% R0805 6 R11 R37 R56 R57 R72 R73
30.1K 1% R0805 1 R38
33.2K 1% R0805 1 R41
200K 1% R0805 1 R69
470K 1% R0805 1 R39
NTC 10K R1206 1 NTC1
Chip capacitors 100PF%16V C0805 1 C19
150PF%16V C0805 5 C10 C13 C14 C16 C48
470PF%16V C0805 1 C23
1NF%50V C0805 4 C9 C20 C24 C79
3.3NF%50V C0805 2 C33 C75
10NF%50V C0805 3 C17 C29 C78
22NF%50V C0805 4 C11 C12 C32 C50
100NF%50V C0805 53 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C142
220NF%50V C0805 3 C45 C97 C114
3.3UF%50V C0805 1 C80
Tantalum capacitor type A 22UF 10V 226A C3216 L1
Plug-in capacitor Electrolytic capacitor 35V/47UF 511MM Electrolytic capacitor 50V/470UF 1320MM DIP2 3
PHE841E 330NF/330V Audiophile film capacitors DIP2 1 C148
PME295 4.7NF/440V Safety film capacitor DIP2 1 C149
Square capacitor 10NF400V P7.5MM DIP2 1 C30
Square capacitor 1NF630V P5MM DIP2 4 C105
SMD diode ES3G-E3/57T Silk screen EC SMC 2 V21 V22
SZ3C120 120V tube regulator LL41 3 V31 V32 V33
30V Glass Zener Diode LL41 1 V36
ZMM18V Glass Zener Diode LL34 4 D2 D4 D1 D3
US1M-E3/61T Silk screen UM SMA 2 V34 V109
SS26 SMB 3 V19 V43 VN1
STTH1R06A Silk screen HR6 SMA 5 V1 V2 V3 V4 V41
SMD transistor BAR43CFILM Silk screen DB2
BAR43S Silk screen DA5 SOT23 1 V12
BAV70 Silkscreen: A4W SOT23 11 V5 V9 V16 V
BAV99 Silk screen A7W SOT23 5 V39
BC817-40 Silkscreen 6CT SOT23 8 V10 V23
BSS84 Silk screen SP SOT23 2 V14 V28
BZX84-C4V7Silk screen Z1W SOT23 1 V11
SMD IC A3120 SOP8 7 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6 U7 U8
CS51412EDR8G Silkscreen 51412 SOP8 1 N5
IRLM110A TO-223 1 V13
LM317D2 TO-263 1 NI
LMV358M SOP8 1 N2
LMV393IDR Silk screen MV393I SOP8 1 N1
UC3844B SOP8 1 U1
STTH803G TO-263 1 V47
Plug-in IC K1317+heat sink TO-3P 1 V35
Plug-in transformer V0GT transformer DIP11 1 T1
transformer 545 23 225 00 DIP10 1 T2
SMD radiator Customization radiator SMD2 1 HS101
Plug-in relay G5SB-14-DC24V DIP5 1 K1
Plug-in LED lights F3 Red hair red +5MM isolation column DIP2 1 LED1
F3 Green hair yellow-green +5MM isolation column DIP2 1 LED2
Plug pin header 2.0MM Double row looper seat 220P DIP40 1 X101 2.54MM three-row runner seat 37P DIP21 1 X103
2.54MM Double row runner seat 212P DIP24 1 X102 2.54MM Double row looper seat 23P DIP6 5 X100 X104 X105 X106 X199
2.54MM Double row runner seat 2*4P DIP8 1 X113
PCB Solder terminal DIP4 2 X8 X9
Empty SMD NC A1206 2 A1 A2
C0805 12 C22 C34 C35 C49 C76 C77 C99 R33 R
NC DIP2 1 R118
NC DIP6 1 X10
NC R0204 1 R114
NC R0207 4 R13 R115 R117 R138
NC SMC 2 V121 V122
NC SMD2 20 C39 C40 C41 C165 C51 C52 C53 C54 C55
NC SOP8 1 N6
NC SOT23 2 V15 V46

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