OMAP4430 HDI PCB reverse engineering

The HDI board, the new OMAP4440 processor, is mainly high-performance, supports HDMI 1.4 interface 3D high-definition video output, supports 1080p 60FPS high-definition decoding, the two core ICs involved in this platform has a PIN pitch of only 0.4mm, and a single board density Very high, requiring a 3-level blind buried via design. This project serves as a function demonstration and reference PCB reverse engineering for Intel’s core customers. The project quality and PCB reverse engineering progress are essential.


In this project, OROD Technology made use of many years of experience in PCB reverse engineering and manufacturing and put forward many rationalization suggestions to help customers reduce process limitations in mass production. At the same time, OROD Technology uses the integrated team’s technical force to achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted work, ensuring the client’s project progress.

Relevant IC unlock: