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Shenzhen OROD Technology has many engineers engaged in PCB copy board and design, circuit board revision, and sophisticated electronic product development. It has a thorough and thorough understanding of multilayer PCB boards, electronic components, high and low frequency digital and analog circuit principles. Our customers provide:

  • Multilayer professional PCB copy board.
  • Light drawing output.
  • BOM (component list) production.
  • Schematic reversal.
  • Other services.

The following is a successful introduction to the biological culture blender:

Particular stirring mode design, very suitable for cell culture or different organic culture fluid protective mixture, ideal for high requirements, no heat, long time running, all components wholly embedded in a stainless steel casing, dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion design, IP64 Protection level, can be used directly in the incubator.

·Integrated design of mixing drive unit and control unit, small footprint and convenient operation

·No heat, maintenance-free magnetic drive agitator

· Large-format design, super smooth, easy to clean

· Use maintenance-free MAG stepper motor drive for quiet stirring at very low speeds, also for viscous culture media

· Speed ​​5 to 250 rpm, suitable for stirrer stirring and mixing of various cell culture spinner bottles, flat rate, and no jitter, can mingle and mix cell culture liquid smoothly and evenly

· Fully sealed stainless steel housing with IP64 protection, easy to clean against moisture, dust, and bacteria

·Special specifications can be customized, materials and products guarantee for three years, and the original products imported from Germany.

Display control mode Mixing unit and display integrated

Number of stirring bits 1

Stirring per unit 5-5000ml

Stirring speed 2-250rpm

Mixing power 6W

Operating conditions -10~50°C (at 80% humidity)

Housing material stainless steel

Power supply 100-240V/50-60Hz/1.5A

Dimensions / Weight 180 × 230 × 38mm / 1.4Kg

pcb copy

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