PCB replication case in China

The three-layer core switch exchange board is a typical high-speed board. The PCB replication department of OROD Technology analyzes the data in detail to calculate the timing. HSPICE simulates the wiring rules of 1.25G signals and 3.125G signals. Pre-simulation determines the routing topology of RLDRAM, DDRII SDRAM, and TCAM, and post-simulation confirms their timing. The current calculation software reasonably designs the current wiring channel. The multi-person parallel design ensures single-board progress.

OROD Technology’s PCB replication department uses the BCM56601 chipset solution. It is with RLDRAM, DDRII SDRAM, and TCAM, with strict timing requirements; 3.125G pairs of high-speed signals on the board. Forty-eight pairs of 1.25G signals, each pair is 13 inches in length; There are many kinds of power sources; there are eight kinds of currents above six amps, a large number of phase-locked loops; the number of single-board PINs is more than 25,000, and a lot of network rules.

PCB replication case

In the end, the PCB replication complete, the board cut in half compared to the expected time, and the copy complete, and the signal quality met the requirements.

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