Successful Case
Successful Case

Shenzhen OROD PCB board clone


Shenzhen OROD Technology was established in 2000. It is a professional high-speed PCB design company. It is a high-tech company specializing in providing international and domestic customers with complete solutions for electronic products. It also offers high-speed PCB HSPICE and IBIS high-speed signal integrity for customers. One-stop service for performance simulation analysis, PCB Design Layout, EMC design and PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly.

Professional MTK / HDI mobile phone motherboard copying/production, copying/production of DVB set-top box board / 3G unlimited network card / wireless router/computer motherboard, etc., 100% successful once (Note: copying the mobile phone board for three days);

Successful cases of copying mobile phone boards iPhone 6 iPhone6 ​​Plus Nokia 6300 N95 N86 1200 1202 1220 6200 etc. Apple brand mobile phones, Sony Ericsson, Samsung 9300, MOTO, Konka, Lenovo notebooks, etc. No matter what kind of portable phone board, computer motherboard.3G unlimited network card, graphics card, industrial control board, DVB set-top box board, medical equipment motherboard, as long as you provide a good model, we can copy 1: 1 file and produce light boards.

The company specializes in single-sided and double-sided, four to thirty-eight-layer multilayer high-precision PCB board clone(copy), board modification, schematic drawing, and BOM single production, PCB production, and IC decryption of finished products. The company has many engineers who have been engaged in PCB design and wiring for many years. They have a thorough and thorough understanding of multilayer PCB boards. They understand the structure and routing rules of high-end PCB boards containing laser holes, blind holes, and buried craters. Everyone has a chance.

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It is a densely populated computer motherboard, microstrip line, isometric line computer motherboard, high-end graphics board. Gigabit network equipment substrate, or a PHS motherboard, mobile phone motherboard, and wireless network card with strict requirements for high-frequency processing and strict electromagnetic compatibility control, Bluetooth boards, routers, and other wireless communication equipment, as well as industrial control motherboards with up to 40 multilayer PCB boards and blind holes and buried holes, we can all successfully clone them based on a set of intact templates (or prototypes) provided by customers.
The company promises to use high-quality product quality, low price, perfect and timely technical support to provide you with convenient and efficient services at any time. It sincerely welcomes you to call us or come to visit us for consultation and business negotiation.