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ST Microelectronics, or ST for short, is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies. Founded in 1987, the company is a new company after the merger of SGS Semiconductor of Italy and Thomson Semiconductor of France.

ST MCU is expensive in anti-interference performance; anti-interference performance is excellent! And with built-in EEPROM,

Generally, the circuit anti-interference reaches 2000V or 3000V. The anti-interference of the chip is not necessarily good. Here I can’t help but mention the Japanese standard, the form in which high-frequency pulses are continuously emitted. Don’t underestimate the difference between a continuous and an intermittent. If you can test your chips and circuits with Japanese standards, you will find that it is very different from the European standards. You can use the Japanese rule. It will be unfortunate because most microcontrollers can’t pass!


The Japanese standard is 1600V. Here is a comparison of several microcontrollers:
The meaning of ST is ≥1800
Mitsubishi’s ≥1800
Fujitsu and Hitachi ≥1600V
Dec ≥1500
Toshiba’s ≥1300V
Motorola’s ≥1300
Samsung’s ≥1300
Modern ≥800
Microchip’s ≥700
National half of cop8 ≥ 500
Avr and 51 series ≥ 500

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