Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

Legal Liability and Confidentiality Agreement for Cracking MCU


As long as we ask IC unlock customers to get MCU chips through legal channels, and It uses IC unlock in legal ways, such as repairing broken equipment, redeveloping programs, learning other people’s advanced programming methods, or retrieving their lost data, etc. When we unlock IC, the decryption association stipulates that customers must crack for legitimate purposes.
MCU unlocks a legal means to understand information, but the learned information must comply with intellectual property law.

On the chip unlock agreement

To let customers rest assured, our company specially signs IC unlock agreement for customers
The agreement includes:

  1. If both parties accept the agreed terms, It shall change the payment method;
  2. Confidentiality agreement: the original chip and program of the customer shall not be transferred and sold;
  3. Decrypt the failed refund agreement;
  4. Legality and legal liability of products provided by customers

Other unlock IC and PCB copy common question: