Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

How to Choose PCB Reverse Engineering Company


Now, as long as you search the Internet for keywords: PCB reverse engineering, PCB copy, PCB clone, etc., there will be thousands of PCB copy websites. How can you tell which companies are high-quality? To prevent customers’ own products from being easily damaged and cost and time from being wasted,

So why choose Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd?

Our company has been established for nearly 20 years in Shenzhen, a famous city in the world. At that time, we were only engaged in repairing some electronic products, data recovery, and some worldwide chip programmers’ sales.
We have accumulated rich experience and much high-end chip unlocking and PCB reverse engineering equipment over the years. At the same time, the company has a strong team of professional engineers. In the past five years, we have served thousands of customers in hundreds of countries all over the world. Many customers have become loyal old customers of our company.
Please take a look at our website domain name to see how long we have been in this chip unlocking and PCB reverse engineering industry. domain registered in 2006 domain registered in 2012

Now many small foreign trade companies are engaged in the sales of some electronic components and other IT industries. They don’t understand the technology of chip unlocking and PCB reverse engineering. So take some orders and make some difference. If it comes to the related professional and technical aspects, we can’t help! This may bring losses to customers. Therefore, please choose the supplier, we must seriously look at whether they are professional!

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Due to Chinese mainland companies’ need, we canceled the Hongkong enterprises in 2018 and transferred to Shenzhen, China.

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Therefore, a customer needs to choose a formal, professional and high-quality company!

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