Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

Original PCB be Damaged after PCB Copy


Some customers often ask, “because of the high cost of the board, can the original board not be damaged,” our company and most customers explain. In most cases, after we do a PCB copy, What will damage the original PCB! Therefore, customers and friends must be aware of the relevant risks!

The destruction of the customer’s circuit board is also what our company hopes to happen. We try to protect the original board as much as possible and help customers save costs. Our company can achieve a one-to-one clone for ordinary single and double-sided boards without destroying the original PCB board. But for multilayer boards, four layers, six layers, and so on, it is impossible to achieve high accuracy without destroying the circuit board. To ensure the accuracy of PCB files and customers’ convenience, we choose to destroy the circuit board. Please understand this.
For the single chip on the circuit board, it is also this situation. We can use software to crack through software cracking, not destroy the single chip, and not use software to break; we need to use hard decryption to destroy the chip.
Because of the customer provided the model is more important, the company can provide services in the board copying ensure the safety of the original board;
Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional circuit board copying, PCB PCB PCB cloning, PCB design, chip decryption, IC decryption, board making company. We have more than 20 years of PCB cloning, PCB proofing, SMT processing, PCB design, board making experience, proficient in high frequency, high speed single, double, multilayer PCB PCB board copying and design.
A ,PCB board copying and design center undertake the following PCB design projects:

  1. Communication products: the original board of satellite communication base station system, GPS base station, and terminal PCB, and mobile phone motherboard;
  2. Computer network products: switch, computer motherboard, board card, industrial control board, CRT or LCD motherboard, optical fiber card, etc.;
  3. Undertake development results: digital/analog voice card, arm7&arm9 development board, ARM emulator series, fiber card series, Ethernet TCP/IP series, automotive electronics, and system design, Ethernet photoelectric converter, wireless communication
    B、 Minimum aperture of PCB making’s technical capacity, such as layout, clone (copy), board modification, PCB layout, schematic diagram, and BOM production, chip decryption PCB production, finished product processing, etc.: 0.3mm.
    Minimum line width / spacing: 0.1/0.1mm
    Maximum plate size: 550 * 600mm
    The thickness of finished product plate: 0.25-3.0mm
    Minimum inner layer thickness: 0.15mm
    Surface coating: tin spraying, nickel gold, nonelectric nickel gold, anti-oxidation treatment
    Gold finger plating: gold thickness according to customer requirements
    C、 Undertake high-speed PCB design.
    We promise to meet your needs at the first time!
    The most powerful PCB design in China, a board copying company! Want to copy board to find the door
    OROD provides professional technology, high-quality customer service, PCB copy board, IC decryption, SMT processing brand service provider – Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd.

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