Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

Pay Attention to Before Copying PCB


Precautions for PCB copy: especially for the first PCB copy, please read carefully: our PCB copy service includes providing PCB files (note not including the program of the chip on PCB), BOM list (for some component models, it is not possible to find out the specific models, such as banding, polished words, rare component models, etc., which are very complex and need to be clear to customers), SCH(Schematic diagram), and according to customer requirements can export Gerber for production files. Most of the time, it will destroy the original PCB!

1, Because the copy board needs to copy lines or even inner lines, it will destroy the ones sent by default
Sample but retain the components and bad board; if the customer needs to send back if you can not destroy the original board, please inform in advance!

2, What is a copy board: copy the circuit diagram, component list, and schematic diagram of the circuit board; It is not a physical object, but these materials are necessary for the production of a complete circuit board, whether in the Which factory if you need to copy out the material object, the copy board is only the first step to complete, you also need to copy Out of the information to us or find others to quote production, but this is two different things, do not confuse!

  1. Notice to copy PCB: logo and UL on circuit board are not copied by default; please pay attention. Our company undertakes
    The PCB diagram that Nuo copied is 100% correct, whether it is a single, double layer, or multi-layer; if it is wrong, our company will
    Be responsible for revising until it is completely correct;
  2. Note for copying BOM: due to the variety of components, customization, and model camouflage, it is imperative to
    What can not determine the final model due to wear or incomplete model of some details on the sample plate
    Complete copy out, and some models are old or even out of production. We can copy them out but not copy them
    It can purchase BOM or components from the market; if the details contain programs, What will copy only the model and not the program.
    (we can provide to rewrite the program according to the requirements or crack the program);
  3. Design notice: all design requirements shall be subject to a word document, and oral description is not supported
    Files will be strictly by the schematic diagram; if your schematic has a specified package, we will use your seal
    However, we are not responsible for whether It can purchase the corresponding components or not. If the box is not specified on my side
    The project will choose its packaging; we will be responsible if we can’t buy it. In the case that What can realize the function, I
    Most of them will use patch packaging instead of plug-in packaging. If you have requirements for a patch or plug-in, please
    Before payment, It cannot object after the documents are completed. Increase demand or change after payment
    Order resulting in layout changes or even redrawing will need to be charged again. After the completion of the data, it can be verified that
    Under the required functions, we say that we need to repair them here and change them there. Sorry, we don’t
    Accept. Therefore, please make clear your needs before placing an order. Please do not change the document after drawing it
    Move or increase demand and produce dispute!
  4. Can you guarantee 100% success?
    The answer that can guarantee 100% success is PCB file; copying BOM is generally no problem, but
    Some of them can’t be bought because of model wear, customization, shutdown, and so on
    Lead to the failure of finished products, but this situation is rare
    About debugging

Why can’t I copy the board? How to debug it?

There are two types of answers.
A, if you copy boards here, but you are looking for someone else to make boards and buy components
Welding, then we are not responsible for debugging, do board components, welding, each
Links may have problems; if not, we are not responsible for debugging but confirmed
It’s our problem, and we will undoubtedly undertake it;

B, if we copy boards here, then make boards, components, and welding
If What can’t use it, we can debug it for free, but we need to provide a test loop
The environment tells us the test requirements;
I want to reduce the trouble and devote my energy to serving customers. Thank you for your understanding

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