Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

PCB Change and Modify


After our engineers finish the PCB reverse engineering, we will send the PCB file to the customer. The customer can change the PCB and modify it. We can carry out secondary development and improvement based on the existing PCB file.
We can also generate various popular PCB software formats for you: for example, Protel99, pads2000, etc.; you can also provide PCB templates into Gerber files for production; PCB packaging drawings, BOM list, and other documents, as well as provide circuit board cloning, PCB proofing, debugging or mass production and other services, and can carry out secondary development from the perspective of customers to meet your needs.

Shenzhen OROD provides you with a PCB copy service and provides you with a PCB modify service.
We will modify your template according to your requirements, increase or decrease various function modules of the template, and even create a new PCB design board for you.
We can not only improve and solve some defects and deficiencies in the current PCB design and wiring but also have a complete set of advanced experimental equipment, which can test all States of PCB circuit signals;
Meet the customer’s requirements for PCB board modification. It can save a lot of time and cost for those customers who focus on product marketing, help customers always have a leading edge in the product market, and create value for customers.
Improved PCB board, we guarantee 100% accuracy, there will be no problem. In the process of PCB modification, we can generate all kinds of PCB design software documents for you (such as prote199, powerpcbpads2000, etc.).

Why choose Shenzhen OROD PCB change and modify?

A, We have a professional and experienced design team, which can solve and improve some defects and deficiencies in the current PCB design and wiring and can simulate the high-speed data line to ensure the design quality
B, We have a complete set of advanced experimental equipment, which can test all the PCB circuit signal status to ensure that the PCB clone board and the template remain 100% the same and meet your requirements for board copying. At the same time, we can also provide you with perfect PCB copy solutions.
C, we aim to provide you with high-quality service at the best price
Save you money and time.
D, We have a professional OEM PCB processing plant; the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology can provide you with the model for processing and production services
Customer group:
The reverse technology research products of Shenzhen OROD cover almost all industries, commerce, consumption, and military. Shenzhen OROD has developed into a famous reverse technology research enterprise with an enormous scale and the most robust technical strength in China, integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, technology, and service. It has served more than 90% of the industry’s customers and has long maintained good cooperative relations with several world top 500 enterprises, well-known scientific research institutes, and universities.

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