Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

PCB Copy Success Rate


We have our own set of perfect PCB copy processes to ensure the clarity of the picture. After making the document, a series of inspection methods are completed by professional personnel, which significantly ensures the document’s accuracy. After completing the document production, we can provide clear picture files of each layer to customers to confirm the inspection by themselves. Through various channels and methods, we can ensure that the PCB copy file is 100% correct.

At present, there are many PCB copy companies in the market, which are also complicated. Also, some individuals are undertaking PCB copy services, which can not guarantee complete the work in an adequate time and can not guarantee PCB files’ quality and reliability. Therefore, large customers need to choose the right PCB copy company. Although some companies’ price is low, the components used in the board are placed with elements instead of building a library. In this way, the board copied by setting details can not be modified and created a network table for secondary development and design, which has adverse factors for the subsequent product reference design and development of customers and damages customers’ interests.
OROD technology is a formal, physical copy board company with strong technical team support, providing professional technology and after-sales service. It can provide customers with detailed and accurate PCB files and convert your PCB templates into Gerber files for production. It can also generate various popular PCB software format documents for you, such as Protel99, pads2000, etc.
It can also provide you with PCB template schematic diagram, PCB packaging diagram, BOM, and other documents;
well, as one-stop services such as circuit board cloning, PCB proofing, debugging, or mass production, it can also carry out secondary development from the perspective of customers to meet your needs.

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