Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

PCB Reverse Engineering Price


What is the price of the PCB copy board?

The price of PCB reverse engineering is affected by many complex factors. For example, the PCB board’s size, the number of front and back components, the number of PCB layers, the type of features such as BGA, blind hole, etc. The price is different. Therefore, please consult our company staff in detail to provide you with the basic information of PCB board, we will make the best offer and the approximate completion time for you!

A single standard can not measure the price of PCB.
A, It is generally divided into the number of layers of the board, single panel, double-sided board, and multi-layer board (more than three layers are multi-layer board), the higher the price will be;
B. Different types of boards are used: resin, paperboard, ceramic, aluminum substrate, halogen-free board, and halogen-free board, and the price of other boards is different.
C, Surface treatment is divided into OSP (rosin), tin, spray tin, gold, spray gold, gold finger, silver, and other different surface treatment methods; the price is also different; 4. Test fee: The flying needle test and general fixture test price is also a small difference. Also, we need to calculate the labor cost, factory profit, and processing loss.
To sum up, the price of PCB is affected by many factors. OROD technology has developed a standard price system to provide customers with the most preferential service.

  1. PCB copy price calculation:
    A: some companies calculate according to the number of points (single and double-sided board: $0.3-$0.5 USD per point; four-layer board: $0.4-$0.6 USD per point, the six-layer board: 0.3-0.5 USD per point, the eight-layer board: 0.5-0.6 yuan per point). Most companies estimate the price based on experience. No matter what method to quote: points are just for reference.
  2. What kind of PCB copy calculation method is the most scientific?
    A: at present, there is no accurate and scientific calculation method. However, it is unscientific to calculate by point only, according to the PCB copy’s workload above.
  3. What is the reference quotation of OROD technology?
    A: according to the whole PCB copy process, OROD technology divides the unfair work stages and the proportion of time required for each step in the whole PCB copy time. This paper summarizes several main processes (as described in point 3 above) that mainly affect the time of PCB copy and then translates its unique method of PCB copy evaluation
    1) Price of dismantling board: according to the type, quantity, and difficulty of components, the dismantling board’s price is $20-$50.
    2) Grinding price (for the multi-layer board): calculated according to the board’s size, the larger the board, the larger the grinding area, and the longer the time cycle. The price of a grinding plate is 50-100 per layer.
    3) Every price, no matter how many layers. The price is about $0.5-0.6 USD per point. Because the number of layers may affect the number of points (generally, there will be more points with more layers), but the number of layers will not affect the price of issues.
    4) The price of the middle layer: because the middle layer of the multi-layer board needs to be drawn because there is no need to place components and other reasons,
    Generally, the middle layer’s drawing time is 0.5-2 hours, and the price of each layer is about $20-$35.
  4. What’s the scope of application of Yaoshun’s quotation?
    Now our reference quotation applies to 80% – 90% of the board, for the board that is too simple or too complex, or the workload that is not included above: if there is no screen printing, it is necessary to re-screen printing (if the screen printing is not clear, it is needed to re-screen printing for the accuracy of the document), and the board is coated with black glue (the workload of processing black glue is also relatively large), etc. Increase or decrease according to the actual situation.
  5. Is the reference quotation method of OROD scientific and accurate?
    A: Compared with the reference quotation in the market, the reference quotation of OROD technology is much more scientific. But because there are too many factors that affect plate making, there is no unified calculation method. However, through continuous efforts to improve, we provide our customers with a more accurate calculation method to make our cooperation more open and transparent!
  6. How to calculate the price of the schematic diagram and BOM?
    A: the price calculation of the schematic diagram is relatively simple. According to different layers of boards, it costs 0.3-$2 USD per point. BOM is based on the number of materials, and the difficulty price is between $30-$200 (some IC codes in BOM, some of which can’t know the model, so we need to look up the code fee for finding a professional code checking company, and customers can solve it through their way)

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