Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

PCB Reverse Engineering Process


Many customers are worried about the safety of PCB copy transactions. We make the following agreement for both parties benefit: before reverse engineering of PCB, customers need to pay a 50% deposit. Pay the balance after completing the PCB clone because the PCB copy doesn’t fail. If we don’t pay the deposit, some customers don’t want this project after we finish the work, our company will also lose time and cost. The customer must think clearly before starting the project!

PCB copy business process:

Refers to the whole process of PCB copying of customers

PCB copy process
  1. Customers need to send complete front and back pictures of the PCB board and size. If you know the number of layers of PCB, it is better;
  2. Customers provide their demand for board copying. (which documents customers need after board copying are generally divided into three parts: PCB file, BOM list, SCH (schematic diagram) introduction of board type, time limit of board copying and known information of relevant PCB board, and communicate the price of board copying with the service technicians of board copying company;
  3. The cost of PCB copying quoted by our company for the project;
  4. The customer sends the original PCB to our company; if the PCB is shipped by express, please pay attention to the packaging to avoid damage;
  5. The customer pays the deposit; our company signs the agreement with the customer;
  6. The company carries out the board reading work according to the customer’s requirements;
  7. Ask the customer to confirm after the copy;
  8. Confirm the completion and pay the balance,
  9. Our company sends all the copy board documents needed by customers;

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