Clone pcb faq
Clone pcb faq

Sample Production and PCBA by PCB Copy File


PCB copy aims to modify the editing circuit and develop the best product for the market. The final need for sample production of mass production, OROD company, can purchase components according to customer demand, sample production, PCBA, and mass production!

Prototype production is a key link in product design, which provides a reliable physical basis for ensuring the feasibility of product design and product preparation for trial production. Prototype production is also a necessary step before mass production to test the product’s function and ensure that the performance and indicators of the development meet customers’ requirements. It directly affects the benefits of the product after it is put on the market. Shenzhen OROD technology provides professional prototype manufacturing services and is committed to delivering the most relevant technical requirements and the most cost-effective products.
To reduce the development cost, help customers accurately grasp the product-market opportunity window, and promote the product launch in time, Clanton technology prototype production service follows the optimization principle of integrating design, production, and function test. It infiltrates the function simulation and test concept from the initial PCB design to minimize the increase of cycle and cost due to secondary rework in subsequent development and production and bring benefits to customers Maximum benefit.
The function of prototype production is as follows.

  1. Inspection of structural design: prototype production can verify whether the structural design meets the predetermined requirements, such as whether the structure is reasonable or not, the difficulty of installation, details of ergonomic scale, etc.
  2. Reduce the risk of development: through the prototype’s detection, we can find and solve the problems before opening the mold and avoid issues in opening the mold, resulting in unnecessary losses.
  3. Fast to market: according to the characteristics of fast production speed, many companies will use the prototype to do product publicity and early sales before the mold is developed to push new products to the market quickly.
    Prototype production process:
  4. Identify customer requirements
    Our development process starts with listening to customers’ requirements and identifying customers’ expectations. We provide customers with all the designs and select the most suitable scheme to achieve the specified performance. We aim to deliver the most appropriate and economical products to customers.
  5. Provide positive and professional advice
    Under the guidance of the tenet, we have done enough preparatory work. In product design, debugging, application, and other aspects, we will put forward positive and professional customer suggestions. These suggestions are mainly aimed at the characteristics and advantages ignored in customer product design.
  6. Formal R & D
    Through full communication with customers in the early stage and our careful study of the scheme, our technical personnel has entirely understood the detailed requirements of customers and products’ technical performance. Next, we will present a complete design scheme including drawings, performance data, test data, development cycle, development cost, product price, and other information to customers for reference and selection.
  7. Prototype manufacture and test
    After submitting the information to the customer and getting the final plan confirmed, our team will officially enter the prototype production and development state! Clanton has advanced equipment to cooperate with rapid prototype production. According to different situations, the whole production process is about one to three weeks. First, the prototype is tested in the laboratory. We will submit the test report to the customer for analysis. If necessary, we will review the design and make the secondary prototype.
  8. Finalization design and mass production
    After receiving the approval of the prototype from customers, we will document the finalized design, complete all kinds of production documents in the shortest time, and prepare all tools, test fixtures, and fixtures to ensure the smooth progress of mass production.
    PCBA processing services:
    PCBA electronic products processing involves a series of the production supply chain, such as design document inspection, component procurement, PCB production, SMT chip, plug-in processing, PCBA testing, packaging, etc.
    OROD gives full play to its decades of experience in this field;
    selects a + grade plates, fully automated complete process production, 100% ex-factory testing, and uses high-end SMT production equipment and strict ISO standard operation guidance to ensure the advantages of process flow and team in the manufacturing process.
    Shenzhen OROD has rich experience in purchasing components and has a 10-year cooperative relationship with many brand suppliers. The company gives full play to its competitive advantages in scale procurement and quality control, signs long-term cooperation agreements with many electronic component manufacturers at home and abroad and around the world, ensures the quality and stable supply of raw materials, transfers preferential treatment to customers, maintains the procurement advantages of IC, resistor, capacitor, inductor, diodes and other components for a long time, and ensures the quality of PCBA manufacturing from the upstream. On the other hand, it can significantly save customers’ inventory costs, improve production turnover efficiency, and save time. We choose the top suppliers of raw materials, resistance, and capacitor. It can help customers keep the cost of raw materials and reduce customer procurement risk to the greatest extent.
    In the process of PCBA electronic products manufacturing, material control is significant, which directly determines the potential risk of the whole process and avoids the cost of mass rework. Clanton has a particular material inspection post to check the customer’s BOM in detail and test the selected materials with a multimeter, test rack, and other tools to ensure 100% pass. The shape, oxidation degree, brand-new, and other critical links of the imported materials are also included in the inspection scope. The post staff will countersign the inspection documents conforming to ISO standards to ensure the problems’ traceability. What will transfer materials purchased by customers to the warehouse’s designated location? A strict material control process will be carried out, mainly including warehousing, verification, sampling, turnover, registration, and other links. The materials’ storage environment strictly conforms to the electronic assembly standard to avoid adverse effects such as humidity, dust, pollution, and static electricity. Before the material goes online, we will carefully check the material’s name and model again to ensure the accuracy of Feida’s feeding process and complete the material control process in the PCBA manufacturing process.
    Advantages of PCBA electronic products processing service
    PCBA industry needs to have a solid overall technical strength, process technology, quality control level, and production management technology are very important, need a long time of practice and accumulation.
  9. 6 fully automated SMT production lines and dip production lines, high-capacity and high-precision equipment;
    Have many years of working experience in a manufacturing team. 2;
  10. Adapt to high-end manufacturing, provide channels for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to produce high-end products, and save 20% of the cost compared with other processors;
    The cost of the global manufacturing industry is rising sharply, and the competition is fierce. China has become the preferred processing site to save production costs and seek preferential and capable PCBA electronic products processing service, providers. As the PCBA electronic products, a processing industry leader in Shenzhen, Shenzhen technology can save 20% production cost and provide 100% testing. We formulate development strategies and competitive strategies in line with our development and current situation and develop technological innovation to make us stand out in the competition.

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