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Fujitsu IC introduce

Japan Fujitsu chip is mainly used for the industrial control production, similar to the inverter, servo, elevator control, motor control, etc., in response to market demand, combined with years of IC crack technology, to provide customers with a series of Fujitsu mb89f and mb90f IC crack, Fujitsu MCU crack service. At the same time, for the majority of the free test chip model, single-chip model identification.

Fujitsu chip decryption users are welcome to contact OROD technology. For Fujitsu series chips, due to their decryption’s complexity, we generally require customers to provide samples for technical testing and evaluation to confirm whether there is a ready-made crack solution. After the test, we will Tell the customer truthfully the difficulty of chip cracking and the associated cost cycle.

With the breakthrough in the research of Fujitsu’s full range of IC crack technology, such as MB90F345CAS chip decryption, we will provide Fujitsu’s full range of MCU crack and other efficient, reliable, high-quality, and reasonable price decryption services.

  • MB89F202 SDIP32 [CX0032] MB89F202–SSOP34 [CX1027]
  • MB89F202A SDIP32 [CX0032] MB89F202A–SSOP34 [CX1027]
  • MB89F202R–QFP32 [CX3001] MB89F202R–SDIP32 [CX0032]
  • MB89F202R–SSOP34 [CX1027] MB89F202RA–QFP32 [CX3001]
  • MB89F202RA–SDIP32 [CX0032] MB89F202RA–SSOP34 [CX1027]
  • MB89F482AS–LQFP44 [CX3002] MB89F482AS–SDIP42 [CX0042]
  • MB89F482AW–LQFP44 [CX0042] MB89F482AW–SDIP42 [CX0042]
  • MB89F482HS–LQFP44 [CX0042] MB89F482HS–SDIP42 [CX0042]
  • MB89F482HW–LQFP44 [CX0042] MB89F482HW–SDIP42 [CX0042]
  • MB89F538–SDIP64 [CX0064] MB89F538-101PF–TQFP64 [CX3011]
  • MB89F538-101PFM–TQFP64 [CX3012] MB89F538-201PF–TQFP64 [CX3011]
  • MB89F538-201PFM–TQFP64 [CX3012] MB89F538L–SDIP64 [CX0064]
  • MB89F538L-101PF–TQFP64 [CX3011] MB89F538L-101PFM–TQFP64 [CX3012]
  • MB89F538L-201PF–TQFP64 [CX3011] MB89F538L-201PFM–TQFP64 [CX3012]
  • MB89P131APFM–QFP48 [CX3006] MB89P131PFM–QFP48 [CX3006]
  • MB89P133APFM–QFP48 [CX3006] MB89P133PFM–QFP48 [CX3006]
  • MB89P135APFM–QFP48 [CX3006] MB89P135PFM–QFP48 [CX3006]
  • MB89P165-101(PF)–QFP80 [CX3019] MB89P165-101(PFM)–LQFP80 [CX3017]
  • MB89P165-101(PFV)–LQFP80 [CX3016] MB89P165-102(PF)–QFP80 [CX3019]
  • MB89P165-102(PFM)–LQFP80 [CX3017] MB89P165-102(PFV)–LQFP80 [CX3016]
  • MB89P165-103(PF)–QFP80 [CX3019] MB89P165-103(PFM)–LQFP80 [CX3017]
  • MB89P165-103(PFV)–LQFP80 [CX3016] MB89P165-104(PF)–QFP80 [CX3019]
  • MB89P165-104(PFM)–LQFP80 [CX3017] MB89P165-104(PFV)–LQFP80 [CX3016]
  • MB89P165-105(PF)–QFP80 [CX3019] MB89P165-105(PFM)–LQFP80 [CX3017]
  • MB89P165-105(PFV)–LQFP80 [CX3016] MB89P165-201(PF)–QFP80 [CX3019]
  • MB89P165-201(PFM)–LQFP80 [CX3017] MB89P165-201(PFV)–LQFP80 [CX3016]
  • MB89P165-202(PF)–QFP80 [CX3019] MB89P165-202(PFM)–LQFP80 [CX3017]
  • MB89P165-202(PFV)–LQFP80 [CX3016] MB89P165-203(PF)–QFP80 [CX3019]
  • MB89P165-203(PFM)–LQFP80 [CX3017] MB89P165-203(PFV)–LQFP80 [CX3016]
  • MB89P195 [CX0001] MB89P195(F)–SOIC28 [CX1035]
  • MB89P195AP [CX0001] MB89P195AP(F)–SOIC28 [CX1035]
  • MB89P195P [CX0001] MB89P195P(F)–SOIC28 [CX1035]
  • MB89P475-101P-SH–SDIP48 [CX0048] MB89P475-102P-SH–SDIP48 [CX0048]
  • MB89P475-201P-SH–SDIP48 [CX0048] MB89P475-202P-SH–SDIP48 [CX0048]
  • MB89P485LPFM-101–TQFP64 [CX3012] MB89P485LPFM-102–TQFP64 [CX3012]
  • MB89P485LPFM-103–TQFP64 [CX3012] MB89P485LPFM-104–TQFP64 [CX3012]
  • MB89P485LPFV-101–TQFP64 [CX3011] MB89P485LPFV-102–TQFP64 [CX3011]
  • MB89P485LPFV-103–TQFP64 [CX3011] MB89P485LPFV-104–TQFP64 [CX3011]
  • MB89P485PFM-101–TQFP64 [CX3012] MB89P485PFM-102–TQFP64 [CX3012]
  • MB89P485PFM-103–TQFP64 [CX3012] MB89P485PFM-104–TQFP64 [CX3012]
  • MB89P485PFV-101–TQFP64 [CX3011] MB89P485PFV-102–TQFP64 [CX3011]
  • MB89P485PFV-103–TQFP64 [CX3011] MB89P485PFV-104–TQFP64 [CX3011]
  • MB89P857–SDIP64 [CX0064] MB89P857P–SDIP64 [CX0064]
  • MB89P867–QFP80 [CX3019] MB89P935CP [CX0001]
  • MB89P935CP–G-SH–SDIP32 [CX0032] MB90867A–LQFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90867A–TQFP100 [CX3021] MB90867AS–LQFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90867AS–TQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F036APMC–QFP120 [CX3028]
  • MB90F057–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F057–QFP100 [CX3022]
  • MB90F334APFF–LQFP120 [CX3028] MB90F334APMC–LQFP120 [CX3028]
  • MB90F342A–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F342A–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F342AS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F342AS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F342CA–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F342CA–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F342CAS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F342CAS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F343A–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F343A–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F343AS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F343AS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F343CA–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F343CA–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F343CAS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F343CAS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F345A–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F345A–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F345AS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F345AS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F345CA–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F345CA–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F345CAS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F345CAS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F346A–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F346A–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F346AS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F346AS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F346CA–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F346CA–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F346CAS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F346CAS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F347–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F347–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F347A–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F347A–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F347AS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F347AS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F347C–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F347C–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F347CA–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F347CA–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F347CAS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F347CAS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F347CS–LQFP100 [CX3021] MB90F347CS–QFP100 [CX3023]
  • MB90F347

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