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Hd64f Hd647 Hd64 Hitachi IC Crack

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Hitachi IC Crack

Support crack list:

HD4074344 HD4074394 HD63701 HD637A01 HD637B01 D6472655F
HD6473228 HD6473238 HD6473258 HD6473308 HD6473644 HD64738024
HD6473877 HD6475328 HD6477034 HD64F2138 HD64F2140 HD64F2141
HD64F2142 HD64F2144 HD64F2145 HD64F2147 HD64F2148 HD64F2149
HD64F2166 HD64F2167 HD64F2168 HD64F2177 HD64F2265 HD64F2266
HD64F2268 HD64F2282 HD64F2357 HD64F2377 HD64F2378 HD64F2398
HD64F2505 HD64F2506 HD64F2551 HD64F2552 HD64F2556 HD64F2612
HD64F2615 HD64F2646 HD64F2648 HD64F2649 HD64F2667 HD64F3024
HD64F3026 HD64F3048 HD64F3052 HD64F3062 HD64F3064 HD64F3067
HD64F3068 HD64F3334 HD64F3337 HD64F3394 HD64F3397 HD64F3664
HD64F3684 HD64F3687 HD64F7046 HD64F7047 HD64F3694
HD64F36902 HD64F36912 HD64F38002 HD64F38004 HD64F38124 HD64F38024
HD64F36014 HD64F36024 HD64F36034 HD64F36037 HD64F36054 HD64F36057
HD64F36064 HD64F36064 HD64F36074 HD64F36077 HD64F36078 HD64F36079
HITACHI chip suffix is ​​not limited…
All HD647XXX, HD64FXXX…..

Hitachi Chip introduce

Renesas is a joint venture between (HITACHI) and (MITSUBISHI). Its MCU (microcontroller) is widely used in communication and automatic control, and automotive electronics. It represents Japanese MCU; we can provide HD64FXXX MCU decryption, HD647XXX MCU unlock, HD643XXX series Hitachi IC crack service.

Model notes: HD stands for Hitachi, 64 stands for MCU, seven stands for OTP, F stands for FLASH model, HD643 is mask type MCU;

HITACHI hd64f and hd647 are some of the advantages of OROD technology IC crack engineers. Japanese MCU decryption/chip decryption has long been a complex decryption type in IC crack technology research. This series of MCUs is generally difficult to decrypt. This type of chip has high requirements for decryption technology. At present, OROD Technology has made a series of breakthroughs in Japanese chip decryption technology research, which can provide a safe, reliable, and reasonable price crack solution for most typical MCU and IC chips.

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