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Holtek also provides a full-featured development system e-Link, e-Link is an online debugging adapter board developed by Holtek for a new MCU generation with on-Chip Debug Support architecture. It combines with HT-IDE3000 software tool system, provides MCU development tools for customers to debug directly on the application board, performs traceability analysis, and other functions. Its burner (e-Writer Pro) provides I. CP (In-Circuit Programming) function facilitates program updating and development. Holtek provides various application guides for users who need faster and more efficient development procedures and debugging for product development.
This microcontroller is a Flash-type microcontroller with 8 bits of high-performance and compact instruction set. It has a series of functions and characteristics. Its Flash memory can be programmed many times, which provides great convenience for users. It also includes a RAM data memory and an EEPROM memory that can be used to store non-volatile data such as the serial number and calibration data.
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In terms of analog characteristics, the MCU includes a multi-channel 12-bit A/D converter and comparator functions. It also has several flexible timer modules, which can provide timing function, pulse generation function, and PWM generation function. Internal guard dog timer, low voltage reset, low voltage detection, and other civil protection features, plus excellent anti-interference and ESD protection performance, ensure the reliable operation of MCU in a harsh electromagnetic interference environment.
The MCU provides a wealth of HXT, LXT, HIRC, and LIRC oscillator function options, and a built-in complete system oscillator, without external components. Its ability to dynamic switching between different working modes provides users with a means to optimize the operation of MCU and reduce power consumption.
Additional time-base functions, flexible use of I/O, and other features make this MCU widely used in various products, such as electronic measuring instruments, environmental monitoring, hand-held measuring tools, home applications, electronic control tools, motor control, and so on.
Holtek Enhanced A/D Flash Type MCU series adds HT66F018. This MCU is an extension product of HT66F0172/HT66F0174. It provides abundant system resources and meets the industrial requirements of working temperature from – 40 C to 85 C and high noise resistance. It can widely use in various household appliances.
HT66F018 system resources are 4Kx16 Flash program memory, SRAM 192 Bytes, 32 Byte EEPROM, built-in comparators, 12-bit ADC and I/O 18, integrated three groups of Timer Module PTM, CTM, and STM, including Capture, Compare, Timer/Event, Single Pulse Output, PWM and other five modes, which can be applied to many household appliances applications.

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