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Syncmos Technologies International, Inc. recently launched a series of new products – sm59r04/03/02a1, sm59r04a2, sm59r16/09/05a3, and sm59r16/09/05a5 microcontrollers, which added more product options to the current 8-bit microcontroller product line of Syncmos. This series of controllers provide up to 8 channels of 10 bit ADC, which can provide up to 500000 times of fast and accurate analog signal conversion per second. They have a high-reliability power-on reset and power of detection mechanism and independent internal vibration watchdog, high anti-interference performance, which can significantly improve the system’s stability and reliability, leading to the same level products. Built-in RC oscillator 1MHz ~ 24MHz (sm59r16 / 09 / 05a5 series pre-calibrated to ± 2% @ 11.059mhz) can provide the primary frequency in the chip and save the cost of the external crystal oscillator. Sm59r16 / 09 / 05a5 series is equipped with OPA / comparator, a real-time hardware clock, and other new functions. The advantages of high integration, low power consumption, and low cost make this series the best choice for industrial control, handheld medical equipment, network communication, and consumer electronic applications, such as security access control, weighing instrument, intelligent peripheral system, etc.
Sm59r series products are the new 8-bit microcontroller of syncs—compatible pins and packages with existing products, higher cost performance, faster direct upgrade. Syncmos will launch a series of high-performance products and small package products. Fully demonstrate the powerful design technology and quality of syncs, and provide a more diverse product portfolio and the most comprehensive services to customers worldwide.
Sm59r series: 8051 core, single clock/machine cycle, operating voltage range 2.7V to 5.5V. Built-in up to 64KB flash memory, support online programming (ISP / IAP / ICP), EEPROM function, on-chip up to 2KB + 256b SRAM. SPI, I2C, dual UART. 8-channel 10 bit ADC, built-in hardware multiplier and divider, 4-channel PWM / CCU, three groups of 16-bit timers, precision power monitoring and reset mechanism (POR / LVR / LVI), on-chip RC oscillator, watchdog, OPA / CMP, RTC, key detection interrupt (KBI), package type: 40-dip, 44-PLCC / PQFP, 48-LQFP.

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