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SN8P,SN8F unlock

SN8F5702, SN8F570200, SN8F570210, SN8F570211, SN8F570212, SN8F570213, SN8F5703,
SN8F570310, SN8F570320, SN8F5705, SN8F5707, SN8F5708, SN8F570812, SN8F57082,
SN8F570822, SN8F57084, SN8F57085, SN8F57086, SN8F57087, SN8F570870, SN8P2711B, SN8P2511, SN8P2722A, SN8P2501D, SN8P2723, SN8P2723, SN8P2761, SN8P27611

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Sonix IC application

The old chip of the SONIX microcontroller encrypts by the ordinary encrypted fuse. It is less difficult to crack. If the data is unsatisfactory, Husheng Electronics can break it in 30 minutes. Even if the information is full, Husheng Electronics can crack it in 3 hours if it is urgent.

In 2015, SONIX introduced the latest encryption method, which put the encryption location to the lower level, and added an anti-cracking self-destruction function. Some chips also used 1024-bit password bit verification to prevent customers’ programs from being cracked.

Because of the extensive demand for study and research in the domestic market, Shenzhen OROD Electronics adopts advanced technology and equipment to provide Sonix SN8Fxxxxx unlock. It can decrypt SN8Fxxxxx in five hours as soon as possible (except for copper wire, aluminum wire, or gold wire binding, which takes a long time). Even if it is not urgent, it can complete the MCU crack of SN8Fxxxxxx full data for you in three days at the average speed. But because it is challenging to encrypt, all the decryption costs are prohibitive.


SN8P2602AS [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2602AX [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
SN8P2602BS [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2602BX [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
SN8P2603AS [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2603AX [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
SN8P2604S [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2604X [SSOP28] DIL34/SSOP34 ZIF 200mil
SN8P2604AS [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2604AX [SSOP28] DIL34/SSOP34 ZIF 200mil
SN8P26042S [SOP20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
SN8P26042X [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
SN8P26042AS [SOP20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil

SN8P26042AX [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
SN8P2608X [SSOP48] DIL48/SSOP48 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2622S [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2622X [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
SN8P2624S [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2624X [SSOP28] DIL34/SSOP34 ZIF 200mil
N8P2704AS [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2707AQ [QFP44] DIL44/TQFP44-2 ZIF
SN8P2708AQ [LQFP48] DIL48/TQFP48-1 ZIF
SN8P2708AX [SSOP48] DIL48/SSOP48 ZIF 300mil
SN8P2714S [SOP28] DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil
SN8P27142S [SOP18] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
SN8P27143S [SOP20] DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil
SN8P27143X [SSOP20] DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil


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