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Since its establishment in 2005, SZ OROD has set up its IC crack and microcontroller software development team. In 2002, the IC crack department was formally established (all decryption services are restricted to legal channels, and the master film provider is responsible for the software copyright. Our company does not undertake any legal responsibility!). After continuous exploration and research, our company can crack more than 30 ICs, more than 2,000 models and develop 51 series, PIC series, ELAN series single-chip software. Our company also acts as a sales agent for several domestic and foreign programmers, emulators, IC test sockets, and programming adapters. It undertakes IC bulk OEM programming services for the convenience of customers.

Following the successful breakthrough of Japanese high-level decryption chips such as Mitsubishi, Renesas, Hitachi, etc., recently, to meet the specific decryption needs of our customers, our company’s professional decryption engineers have also formed an NEC series microcontroller crack solution development team, explicitly unlocking NEC series chips. Scheme development.

We know that in the IC crack industry, Japanese chips are a typical type of complex IC, such as Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and other Japanese chip design manufacturers; the MCU encryption technology is very mature, its MCU encryption performance is excellent, the crack is complex, and the application More and more widely, on the one hand, it has become the first choice of many product designers, on the other hand, it has become a significant problem for many reverse engineers.

 As a representative of Japanese chips, the NEC series MCU is designed with sufficient protection measures to ensure their program codes’ safety. Simultaneously, this MCU series does not have the PROGRAM READ function, so the programmer cannot read them. (Note: The verification function when programming the chip with the programmer is not to read the program for verification, but the programmer sends the data to the chip, and the chip core independently completes the comparison with the data in the storage area and then compares the result Return to the programmer).

The intrusive cracking method can turn the encrypted chip into a non-encrypted chip in the chip decryption industry and then use the programmer to read the program. Of course, you can also use the probe to read the program from the chip’s internal bus, but its cost is relatively high; the non-intrusive cracking method usually needs to read the program through the programmer. In this way, the NEC series MCU cannot be cracked using conventional decryption methods.

 Our company has long been devoted to developing various complex IC decryption solutions in the chip decryption industry and dares to challenge the industry’s technical problems. For the NEC series of complicated crack chips, our professional engineers specially developed the NEC microcontroller program reading tool, which solved the problem that the NEC chip programs that troubled various technical engineers could not be read.

 Suppose customers have NEC series UPD78FXX, UPD79F, and other MCU decryption needs. In that case, we can provide samples for our decryption engineers to test and analyze while considering their product development value and later chip purchases. Generally speaking, NEC series MCUs are divided into two types with and without OTP. During the testing process of the project, destructive methods are typically used for testing. Therefore, if customers have cracking requirements, they generally need to provide at least three samples. , One for testing and the other two for the specific cracking process.

NEC series MCUs are challenging to crack, and the specific decryption methods of almost every chip are different. At present, there are no ready-made crack solutions available. Therefore, for this series of chips, our engineers need to re-develop the cracking method. The required cycle generally takes 20 working days. Around the same time, I also hope that customers will fully consider the product development value while accounting for the product development cycle.


nec n79e

Model naming rules: 78F07**
Model naming rules: 78F08**
uPD780861, uPD780862, uPD78F0862A
uPD780822, uPD780824, uPD780826, uPD780828, uPD78F0822B, uPD78F0828A,
Model naming rules: 78F09**
uPD780957 uPD78F0958
uPD780982, uPD780983, uPD780984, uPD780986, uPD780988, uPD78F0988A
ASSP model naming rules: 78F80**
uPD788004, uPD788005, uPD788006, uPD78F8004, uPD78F8005, uPD78F8006,
All V850:
V850/Sx1/2/3 model naming rules: 70F30**
uPD703014, uPD703015, uPD703017, uPD70F3015, uPD70F3017
uPD703030, uPD703031, uPD703032, uPD703033 uPD70F3030, uPD70F3032, uPD70F3033
uPD703034, uPD703035, uPD703036, uPD703037 uPD70F3035, uPD70F3036, uPD70F3037
uPD703068, uPD703069, uPD703088, uPD703089, uPD70F3089
uPD780065, uPD780076, uPD780078, uPD78F0066, uPD78F0078, uPD78F1187, uPD78F9212, uPD79F8221, uPD79F9213
uPD78F1188, uPD78F9221, uPD79F8222, uPD79F9214
uPD78F1201MC, uPD78F9222, uPD79F8224, uPD79F9215
uPD78F1203MC, uPD78F9224, uPD79F8232, uPD79F9221GB
uPD78F1204MC, uPD78F9232, uPD79F8234, uPD79F9223GB
uPD78F1205MC, uPD78F9234, uPD79F8430GB uPD79F9224GB

uPD78F1211, uPD78F9500, uPD79F8431GB uPD79F9225GB
uPD78F1213, uPD78F9501, uPD79F8432GB uPD79F9231GB
uPD78F1214, uPD78F9502, uPD79F8433GB uPD79F9233GB
uPD78F1215, uPD78F9510, uPD79F8434GB uPD79F9234GK
uPD78F1221GB, uPD78F9511, uPD79F8435GB uPD79F9235GK
uPD78F1223GB, uPD78F9512, uPD79F8500, uPD8741A
uPD78F1224GB, uPD78F9521, uPD79F8501, uPD8748
uPD78F1225GB, uPD78F9522, uPD79F8502, uPD8749
uPD78F1231, uPD78F9524, uPD79F8510,
UPD78F9534 UPD78F9532 UPD78F9234 UPD78F9232
  UPD78F9522 UPD78F9521 UPD78F9222 UPD78F9221
  UPD78F9511 UPD78F9510 UPD78F9212 UPD78F9211
UPD78F9210 UPD78F9202 UPD78F9201 UPD78F9200
UPD78F0034    UPD78F0034AY    UPD78F0034B
  UPD78F0034BYA   UPD78F0034CW    UPD78F0034Y
  UPD78F0034YCW   UPD78F0078   UPD78F0078Y
  uPD78F0134   uPD78F0138     UPD78F0828A
  UPD78F0974    UPD78F4046      UPD78F4216A
  UPD78F4216AY   UPD78F4218A   UPD78F4218AY
  UPD78F4938   UPD78F4938A     UPD78F9026A
  UPD78F9177   UPD78F9177Y     UPD78F9188
  UPD78F9188CT   UPD78F9189   UPD78F9189CT
  UPD78F4216AYGF-3BA UPD78F4216AGC-8EU   UPD78F4216AGF-3BA
  UPD78F0034AGB-8EU UPD78F4046GC-3B9 uPD78F0138M1GB(A1)-8EU
  uPD78F0138M1GK(A1)-9ET UPD78F0974GF-3B9 UPD78F0034YGK-8A8
  uPD78F0134M2GB(A1)-8EU uPD78F0134M2GC(A1)-8BS uPD78F0134M2GK(A1)-9ET
  uPD78F0134M5GB(A1)-8EU uPD78F0134M5GC(A1)-8BS uPD78F0134M5GK(A1)-9ET
  uPD78F0138M2GB(A1)-8EU uPD78F0138M6GB(A1)-8EU uPD78F0138M6GK(A1)-9ET

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