Precautions for PCB copy software:

  • Shenzhen OROD default export PCB clone copy file type is Protel99SE. OROD can send Altium Designer and PCB6.0 files. You can open it with PCB reverse engineering software.
  • Our PCB clone project does not include PCB sample production. Suppose customers need new samples after PCB copy. We need to make a new offer for you.
  • OROD clone PCB does not contain a chip program;
  • The client can get PCB files BOM list. Some customers need SCH(schematic diagram) too. Suppose customers need a PCB Gerber file. Please contact us to do it.
  • Your original PCB sample is usually damaged. It typically doesn’t send it back to the customer. We pasted on A4 paper for the electronic components. If the customer needs it. Our company ship to the clients;
  • The customer’s PCB BOM components smear. What damaged the PCB board. It is without silk screen printing or polishing. The components are false models or rare chip models. We can’t list the parts model clear.

PCB clone software list:

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Have Questions?

Which software are best supports PCB clones and PCB copy?

We want further to ensure the first pass rate of cloned PCB. Quickpcb2005 can improve the efficiency of PCB reverse engineering. PCB copy software that conforms to the operation habits of most designers. It is the best PCB cloning software.

PCB copy board called PCB clone. is reverse engineering of PCB design. That is to take down the components of the PCB circuit board and make them into a BOM sheet. Then the scanned image is processed by PCB reverse engineering software and restored to PCB drawing file. For example, QuickPCB 2005 is one of the PCB copy software. And then transfer it to PCB Factory to make PCB board (PCBA). Finally, it is the same as the original PCB. PCB circuit board design software and copy software can directly open the scanning color image clone PCB. The file format is compatible with mainstream circuit design software. It has the same functions as Protel, such as component preview and angle placement, routing and auto capturing grid, and element center.

Function and usage:
  1. Place pad, hole, line, arc, via, component, fill, polygon and text;
  2. Attribute setting and a grid setting of each element;
  3. The ctrl key automatically captures the grid and element center;
  4. Shift critical selection, select, cut, copy, delete, rotate, mirror, and repeat functions;
  5. 5.32 layer setting function, zoom display;
  6. Set the origin arbitrarily;
  7. Design accuracy: 1mil;
  8. With the B2P format, it can read BMP and jpg images and automatically read BMP resolution.
  9. Call protel2.5-2.8 format component library file
  10. Output protel2.5-2.8 format file.

What PCB clone files can you get from PCB reverse engineering software?


Original product photos

A, Original product pictures:(before clone PCB we take photos detail),FILE THE SAME INFORMATION FOR CUSTOMERS FOR LATER QUERY


Scan PCB board by machine

B,Original PCB scan pictures:( Before PCB clone we scan circuit board)


PCB file 1:1 from original PCB board

C,Bom components list: (after PCB clone we got BOM list from PCB reverse engineering software)


Electronic bill of materials

D,Bom components list: (after PCB clone we got BOM list from PCB reverse engineering software)


PCB board PCB schematic diagram (SCH)

E,SCH (Schematic diagram): ( some clients need SCH from PCB clone software after clone PCB)

Gerber files

F, We clone PCB and PCB data conversion CAD drawing, modification to Gerber, PCB engineering CAM file output; Provide various PCB source files to convert Gerber. “CAD circuit board data” conversion Gerber by PCB clone software.