PCB Copy Service
PCB Copy Service

PCB Clone Files and Software Support

Precautions for PCB clone:

  • Your original PCB sample is usually damaged. We default don’t send back to the customer. But we pasted on A4 paper for the electronic components. If the customer needs it. Then we ship to the clients;
  • The customer’s PCB BOM components smear. What damaged the PCB. It is without silk screen printing or polishing. The components are false models or rare chip models. So we can’t list the parts model clear.
  • Shenzhen OROD default export PCB file type is Protel99SE. Also, we can send Altium pcb5.0 and PCB6.0 files.
  • Our PCB clone project does not include PCB sample production. If customers need new samples after PCB copy. We need to make a new offer for you.
  • OROD clone PCB does not contain a chip program;
  • You can get PCB files BOM list. Some customers need SCH(schematic diagram)too. Suppose customers need a PCB Gerber file. Please contact us to do it.

Which software supports PCB clones?


The earliest PCB clone software is just software that converts BMP into PCB. Now it is eliminated!

Features: Scanned BMP pictures into a PCB file. They work on PROTEL99SE or AD software.

Disadvantages: A, if the BMP file is too large, You go to PROTEL99SE or AD to draw, and the computer is not good. B, The picture is not clear and accurate.

2、 QuickPcb

It supports color picture PCB clone software, a cracked version.


  1. Directly import the scanned color pictures, complete most of the drawing board work on PCB clone software.
  2. Generate PCB files.
  3. Make minor modifications on PROTEL99SE or AD.

Disadvantages: fewer functions, no support for irregular pads, not the network, and copper deposition is a problem.

3、 CBR

Features: It is similar to quickpcb2005, but it is much more potent than quickpcb2005. As for performance, it’s hard to say. If you are willing to spend money, then buy one.

Disadvantages: At present, there is no cracked version charging.


Features: This one also charges; its function is compelling. It is different from the above models. This one can directly import color pictures into 99SE or AD for PCB copy .on the premise of running their PCB clone software. As for performance, it’s hard to say.

Disadvantages: There is no cracked version charging now.

Some personal views are a copy of a two-layer PCB board four-layer PCB board. And if there are not many clones, the first two can achieve the goal. Somebody wants to improve your work efficiency, Or you’re going to have more than four layers of PCB board, especially some high-precision boards. You can consider buying one for a fee.

What PCB clone files can you get?

A,Original product pictures:(before clone PCB we take photos detail)


B,Original PCB scan pictures:( Before PCB clone we scan circuit board)


C,PCB files:(after clone PCB we can got PCB files)


D,Bom components list: (after PCB clone we got BOM list)

E,SCH (Schematic diagram): ( some clients need SCH after clone PCB)

F, We clone PCB and PCB data conversion CAD drawing, modification to Gerber, PCB engineering CAM file output;
Provide various PCB source files to convert Gerber.
“CAD circuit board data” conversion Gerber

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