About Clone PCB board (Printed circuit board) some question:

The process of clone PCB board service is through the extraction and partial modification of technical data files. Various types of electronic products can be quickly updated and upgraded, and secondary development. According to the file drawings and schematic diagrams extracted from the copy board, the designer can also optimize the printed circuit board design and change the board according to the customer’s wishes. It is also possible to add new functions to the product. Or redesign the functional features on this basis so that products with new parts will enter the market faster and brand-new functions. Not only has its intellectual property rights, but it also won the first opportunity in the market, bringing double benefits to customers.

How to copy and cloneing pcb board?

The following video shows a simple circuit board clone:

What is the process of PCB clone?

The clone PCB board is to copy out the circuit diagram, component list, and schematic diagram of this circuit board. These materials are necessary conditions for the production of a complete circuit board. If you want to make the same physical product as the original product, clone a printed circuit board is just the first step. You also need these documents to find the factory for production.

Will destroy the original product after clone PCB board?

Especially for the first time  printed circuit board clone customers, please take a closer look:
The copy board will destroy the original PCB board by default because it needs to copy the circuit or even the inner layer. Still, it will retain the components and the destroy PCB board. If the customer needs, they can send back details and rotten boards.

Can you guarantee 100% success for clone PCB board?

Our company promises that the clone printed circuit board drawing is 100% correct. Whether it is a single or double-layer or multiple layers, if something goes wrong, our company will be responsible for the correction until it is entirely correct. The LOGO and UL on the circuit board do not copy by default, so please pay attention.

What should be paid attention to when making a BOM list?

Due to the wide variety of components, there will be cases such as customization and model camouflage. Some components on the sample printed circuit board have fuzzy models, and I cannot determine the accurate model. We cannot guarantee a complete copy. And some models are old or even discontinued; we can be responsible for copying but not accountable for the copied BOM or components purchased in the market. If the element contains a program, only copy the model, not the program. (We can provide to rewrite the program as required, or crack the IC program);

How should I do if my clone PCB board does not work?

First, if you copy the board from us, But you find someone else to make the board and buy the components, Welding. then we are not responsible for debugging because there may be problems in every link in printed circuit board components and welding production. It cannot use this situation. We are not responsible for debugging. But if it is our clone PCB board problem, we will take the responsibility;
Second, if we clone PCB bard service, then make PCB boards, purchase components, solder, etc.One-stop service from our company. Please tell us the test requirements, and we can debug them for free.

What is the price of PCB clone?

Who can quote the price of the clone PCB board accurately here? Generally, refer to the printed circuit board size, number of layers, component density of the PCB board, buried holes. Different PCB boards have other characteristics, so the clone PCB price is not all the same. Need to refer to the actual product and what services the customer. Provide the copy board company to determine. Please provide the pictures of the front and back of the product, the length and width of the product. It would be better to know the number of layers of the printed circuit board. We will give an approximate reference price.

Why us?

Finished product process: PCB plate making—steel mesh production—component purchase quotation (quoted during the 4-5 days of making the light board, synchronously, the customer can also provide raw materials)—machine patch to produce the finished product, the general cycle 10-12 days, if the customer is in a hurry to discuss with customer service to shorten the process.
1: PCB board welding processing: Please send us the physical photos or printed circuit board files of the board you want to solder. Request the front and back sides, and inform you of the quantity you wish to solder.
2: Circuit board copy board: You want to copy the actual board photos to us, ask for the front and back, and tell us how many layers of the board and how many documents are needed (general schematic SCH, circuit board diagram PCB, electronic bill of materials BOM).
3: Chip decryption: directly send the chip model to be decrypted to our customer service.