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Why we copy PCB board?

China OROD team has been providing PCB copy board service and product cloning services to customers all over the world. In the actual combat of the PCB clone service, we have been making progress. Up to now, we have a professional technical team. His technology is perfect.
Shenzhen OROD has a group proficient in various software engineers. Hardware development technologies too. Who can provide you with a fast and professional PCB clone service? Including the design and development of different software and hardware electronic products for you. Please contact our WhatsApp: +86-13378667812.

What’s PCB copy board service can we do?

OROD company has 18 years of PCB copy experience. Our company has many PCB reproduction engineers. They have an in-depth understanding of double-layer and multi-layer PCB boards. We can clone double-layer PCB and single-layer PCB. We can also copy all kinds of complex difficulty PCB. For example, blind hole embedding.
PCB replication products include:
The computer motherboard contains a laptop.
Digital camera.
Mobile phone.
Satellite receiving equipment.
Bluetooth devices.
Other high-tech electronic products.
According to the motherboard provided by the customer, one-time cloning is successful.

What are the precautions for PCB copy board service?

1. It is required to make component BOM when making PCB copy board. What must carry out the component settings of the PCB file according to the standard? Otherwise, the BOM list is prone to errors;
2. Be sure to pay attention to the polarity, direction, etc., when disassembling the component board. If you don’t remember it clearly, you may make a mistake when you restore the board sample;
3. Record the original copy before copying the board. The previous process does not handle well. Which directly affects the success or failure of the subsequent project;
4. Please adjust the scanner’s resolution to a higher level to scan the picture. To zoom in and view the details of the PCB board. 
5. The original product that needs to copy must be intact; if it is damaged, it may not be able to copy the entirety or increase the difficulty of copying;
6. Pay attention to the size of the original PCB board. Due to the cons of the scanner, the scanned board picture will be different from the PCB board size so that the image is the same as the existing board. Otherwise, It cannot install components on the board.
7. If you can provide more information about the PCB board. So that the company can shorten the copying time and ensure the success rate of copying; when you are sending, the original board should package to prevent damage.
8. There are many ways to operate the PCB copy process. Suppose some PCB file components package incorrectly. Or it is not standard. It will bring defects in new products. Therefore, the success rate of a PCB board copy lies in scientific, reasonable, and standardized procedures.

What’s PCB copy board files can we get ?

1: 1 restore 100% success
PCB copy board files(Make PCB board files):
BOM list(electronic components list):
SCH(Schematic reverse design,The circuit principle diagram):
If customers’ needs, we can also help customers export Gerber files; the factory can directly process and produce according to this file!

Why choose us?

China Shenzhen OROD PCB board copying advantages:
Some defects and deficiencies in the current PCB design and wiring. Professional team with advanced scanning equipment to solve and improve. They stimulate and simulate high-speed data lines. Make sure that the cloned PCB is entirely consistent with the original PCB. The company must meet the customer’s requirements for the copy board.
We aim to save you cost and time with “better price and higher service.”
Our team has a professional OEM/PCB processing factory. And introduces advanced foreign equipment and technology. OROD provides processing and production services for your sample.
Shenzhen OROD can provide you with components purchasing. And DIP SMD / SMT welding services.
To protect the original’s legitimate rights and interests. all the customers who work in the PCB copy board service business in this studio must have the legal declaration of the source of copyright!