PCB circuit design, PCB layout and wiring

This is the design service nature. The final product is the design document, which will be sent to the customer’s email or online transmission mode without logistics and no waybill number. If you want to provide PCB physical production services. The cost will be calculated separately.

Senior Design Engineer

20 years of focus: layout design, PCB proofing, SMT

Several advantages and strengths

Strong design team, rich research and development experience, one to one service, quality service

One-stop solution to all problems

From PCB design to plate making proofing. Unit purchase. SMT SMT welding one-stop solution, reduce r & D cycle, speed up product marketing

If your requirement is PCB modify please provide the following information:

1) Schematic file
2) Original PCB file
3) Revision description requirements

If your requirement is PCB circuit design, please provide the following information:

1) Function description (list in word as detailed as possible)
2) Model selection of reference circuit or main devices (try to provide)
3) Structure drawing (simple plate and frame description size is also acceptable)
4) Describe which software is used for design (AD or pad or Allegro)

Display of PCB design details

PCB layout

Meet the circuit function, meet the electrical performance, both neat and beautiful structure

pcb layout
pcb wiring

PCB wiring

Follow the signal flow
Refuse to interfere with each other

The details show

Special treatment is required for special devices

pcb detail

What electronic PCBS can we design or modify?

Switching Power supply, Shared power supply, UPS, BMS, Car Charger, Wireless Charger, Frontal temperature gun, camera module, LED, Bluetooth digital, Microphone, industrial control board, smart speaker. The router. GPS locator. Action camera. Law enforcement. Advertising machine. Machine learning. Tablets. drone Intelligent power tools. Large and small appliances. Electronic tools, etc

Required Tools:

- A Computer.
- Internet Connection.
- PCB design and modify software

Design and modify parameter ranges :

- Design maximum power: 5000W;
- Maximum PCB stage: second order buried hole;
- PCB design and modification layers: 1-20 layers;
- Minimum line width: 0.075mm;
- Minimum BGA spacing: 0.5mm;
- Through hole type: through hole/blind buried hole;
- Maximum number of PINS: 10000PIN;
- Maximum quantity of production: 1000KPCS/ year;
- Use software: PADS-TIUM DESIGINER, ORCAD, Alle-Gro

What information is required for PCB design?

1 :SCH files
Schematic diagram file, ad or pads or OrCAD format, PDF or screenshot is also OK;
2 :PCB structure drawing
PCB structure drawing in DXF or DWG format (simple board frame description size is also acceptable);
pcb structure
3 : PCB package
PCB package or component specification.
pcb package
4 :BOM
BOM (ignored if there is PCB file);
bom list