Low price PCBA SMT small batch mass production service

Protel99, 99SE, DXP, Altium Designer, etc;
All versions of pads;
Eagle series;
Cam documents;
Gerber-274x file, OB + +, etc;
The above file format can be sent directly to us

Special attention:

Do not convert ad or DXP files to Protel99SE, more than 90% will ask big questions! This will bring you losses due to inaccurate circuit!

How to process from PCB to electronic products?

As a special product, the development process of electronic products also has some special links, such as repeated experiments and debugging, emphasizing the stability, reliability and low power consumption of product functions.
In the production process of electronic products, it is inevitable to involve the materials, tools, methods, processes and management required for the production of products. Due to the wide variety of electronic products and different specifications, the first few elements or scope are not the same.


Required Tools and Equipment:

- Coating machine, etching machine, copper plating machine. Pressing machine, after welding machine, electric oven, cleaning machine, rotary machine, dryer and many other large equipment
- SMT production line
- Screen printing table + SMT machine + reflow welding machine + testing equipment

Things Needed?

- PCB factory processing circuit diagram.
- Qualified electronic components according to BOM list parameters
- Good engineer.

PCBA and SMT processing:

Step 1 : PCB data processing
Our customer service staff after receiving the customer’s order. After contract review, transfer the order and relevant data to the engineering department. After being processed into the company standard document (MI) by the engineer, the production instruction shall be issued.
Step 2 :PCB drill hole
Fix the PCB on the rig. Call out drilling data processed by engineering department. Drill holes with the same diameter on the covered copper plate according to the design requirements
Step 3 : 3, Grinding PCB
Surface treatment of covered copper plate. Remove stains, oxide layer, etc.
Step 4 : opper precipitation
PCB with drilled holes, after surface treatment (that is, the previous step of polishing). The holes are then metallized.
Step 5:Exposure
Fix the designed pattern according to the structure of the hole and cover the surface of the copper PCB. The photosensitive film is exposed into a predetermined pattern by photographing.
Step 6:Develop graphics
Pass the exposed circuit board through the developing machine, wash off the unexposed parts, and leave the designed graphics.
Step 7:Pattern plating
Thicken the copper. In order to meet the design requirements, thicken the copper on the circuit and the copper of the hole to the predetermined range. If the gold plating process is completed in one step. The surface treatment will not be carried out later
Step 8:Etching
Remove the excess copper sheet between different wires and retain the designed copper sheet of conductor and ground wire.
Step 9:Solder resist silk screen
Apply a layer of liquid resin to the surface of the circuit board.
Step 10:Silk screen characters
Silk screen the router symbol designed by the customer according to the principle of circuit diagram on the predetermined position;
Step 11:Gong edge
Fix the completed PCB circuit board on the computer gong machine, call out the engineering design documents and process them into the predetermined size.
Step 12:Flying needle test
Equivalent to E-T test, different test methods are adopted in combination with order quantity and customer requirements.
Step 13:E-T test
Open circuit, short circuit and impedance test of grounding circuit board. Ensure 100% good board of products shipped.
Step 14: vacuum packing
We send the produced PCB to the customer in vacuum bag.

Production equipment


Automatic SMT line

Automatic printing machine Samsung high speed mounter, High end 12 temperature zone reflow soldering


Plug in welding

Small batch production of manual plug-ins
Wave soldering for mass production


High speed flying needle tester

100% test for functional open and short circuits,
The leakage rate is 0%,
Ensure that each piece is good


High speed text inkjet

Digital jet printing, multi head technology,
Motion control, ink control,
Make the surface text clearer and more beautiful


AOI automatic optical detection

Automatically detect and scan PCB and collect images,After image processing and comparison, check the PCB,Automatically display / mark defects


High precision drilling machine

All imported Dongtai drilling rig adopts AC servo motor, high load and high-precision rolling screw operation, which can achieve a high degree of stability

Production equipment

This Can Be SeFirst article inspection

Check the parameters of the first piece of PCB according to BOM and sample. Prevent the purchase of electronic components error. BOM error or program error.


This Can Be SeFirst article inspection

For customers who require 100% qualified products. We can use a test stand for power tests. Cooperate with functional testing


Optical detection

All circuit boards manufactured by our company are inspected by AOI optical inspection or magnifying glass manual inspection. Greatly reduce the welding defect rate, improve the circuit board pass rate.


Testing and Repair

Analyze the circuit principle and use professional test tools to find out and repair the defective products after functional test


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High quality materials, advanced equipment, professional technical team and strict quality system. Make sure your products are of high quality

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