DS2401 DS2431/DS28E01 IC Unlock


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Dallas Semiconductor designs manufacture and market a wide range of mixed-signal-specific semiconductors. The company combines proprietary fab and circuit technology with a wide range of products. Markets for services include broadband telecommunications, wireless handsets, cellular base stations, secure Internet communications, networks, servers, data storage, and various industrial equipment. Dallas Dallas Semiconductor was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Texas, USA, with a wafer fab in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Dallas’ current products are focused on three strategic directions: 1. Mixed-signal products: NVSRAM, real-time clock, CPU monitoring circuit, delay line, digital potentiometer, thermal sensor, temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), etc. 2. Communication: Develop a series of advanced level chips that comply with existing communication protocols. 3.Wire&Network Computing: Microcontroller products.

The following is a partial decryption model of the DALLAS series for reference:

DS1258AB DS2401 DS1258Y DS2433 DS2431 DS1213B DS1213C DS1388 DS1220AD DS1845 DS1220 DS1846 DS1225 DS1230 DS3902 DS1235 DS3906 DS1243 DS3930 DS1244 DS1245. DS28E01 etc.