GD32f103 soft encryption decode

Today’s electronic products are becoming more and more rigorous in soft encryption, and there are various encryption methods. Among them, UID encryption is the most common. Many MCU computers have the world’s unique ID number, such as the popular STM32/GD32.


But there are no shields that are not worn in the world, and there are no invincible spears. Experience and strength are fundamental. We have a wealth of experience in this area, can completely break the ID encryption of electronic products, and will not impact the original function; we are confident that there are very few companies with such capabilities in the whole industry.

After a long period of technical research, our company successfully cracked this chip in 2018. So far, our company successfully break GD32f103 chunks, which use in-game machines/textile equipment/industrial control equipment/electronic consumer products, etc. Electronic products. As far as we are concerned, the GD32 series encryption chip is 100% to 80% with soft encryption. We will test whether the chip has soft encryption before the chip decryption for the customer, and the cost of soft encryption and decryption is more expensive than non-soft encryption.

For STM32 and GD32 series chips with soft encryption, we first extract the internal program through hard decryption, and the removed program with soft encryption is not available. We then crack the soft encryption program and finally get The right available chip program.

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