How Much does the IC Decode Cost

  1. How much does the IC decode cost? The price range of IC decode is relatively broad, depending on the specific model!
  2. Since I was working on IC decode, I have often received various questions from customers. Today, let us explain why IC to decode is also aimed at chips. Is there such a big price difference? Some chips only cost a few hundred dollars, and some need tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands?
  3. First of all, the price of the IC decodes links to our research and development expenses. The higher the cost of the solution, the higher the corresponding decryption price. I believe this is not necessary for me to explain too much. Most customers can understand it so differently. Because of the various technical strengths, the cost of solution development is other. Another point, such as the 51 MCU of ATMEL series,
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It has appeared in China for several decades, and all technical materials publicly announce. People can quickly obtain this information, so the research on the decryption scheme will be handier. The exact cost will be minimal. Most importantly, this IC decode method is generally not too complicated; the price of decryption operation Also low. Some chips, such as STC microcontrollers, are designed by the United States and domestically produced by Hongjing Company. These chips are designed to absorb the lessons of the 51 series of MCU that are easily cracked and improve the encryption mechanism. It fully encrypts at the time, and the user program writes by the ISP (in-system programming) / IAP (in application programming) mechanism. When programming, it is verified while programming, no read command, which dramatically increases.

  1. Understand the difficulty of the secret. STC chip space divide into 1, BOOTLOAD 2, application code 3, EEPROM. Our decryption is mainly for the BOOTLOAD area to crack and then read the program; for this point, the latest version of the STC chip removed the BOOTLOAD area. All of the above require us to spend a lot of workforce and resources researching a decryption solution. Many pieces of equipment cost millions of millions, so we can only borrow; the overall cost is much higher. The chips on different devices are different in an application. Even if they are the same model, there will be a big difference in the decoding cost; some programs are complete or even impossible to decode, especially some devices that will use individual chips. The decryption difficulty is vast, so the cost of decode will be several times higher than that of ordinary chips, dozens of times or even hundreds of times. Therefore, you need to carefully communicate our decryption’s detailed model and features with our customer service. Our customer service will give the decode price of the company specification.
  2. Why is the price increase?
  3. This situation is mainly due to the following reasons:
  4. A: The customer did not report the model correctly. For example, when a customer reported AT89C51RC, it was reported as AT89C51. The price difference is about ten times!
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