HT48R50A IC Unlock Characteristics


Shenzhen OROD is a research department developed by the R & D team of the HT48R50A IC Unlock industry. It has high authority in the field of chip decryption technology. 

Mainly focus on MCU decryption (IC decode), dedicated IC unlocks; chip decryption; PLD crack, CPLD unlock, FPGA decryption, DSP decode, ARM crack; the following is the character analysis of specific models:

HT48R50A IC Unlock Features:

USB 2.0 full speed compatible

USB Specification Version 1.1 Full Speed ​​Operation and USB Audio Device Class Specification 1.0

Operating voltage: fSYS = 6MHz / 12MHz: 4.0V to 5.5V

Low voltage reset function (3.0V to 0.3V)

High-performance audio playback at 48kHz sampling rate

Embedded Class AB Power Amplifier Driver

Embedded high-performance 16-bit audio DAC

Support digital volume control

HID support, you can remotely control the volume/mute of playback

Three endpoint support (including endpoint 0)

Support 1 control, one interrupt, one synchronous transmission

The total FIFO size is 400 bytes (8, 8, 384 EP0? EP2)

2048 15 program memory ROM

192 MCU type of 8 data memory RAM (memory area 0)

Pause and wake-up functions reduce power consumption

8 bidirectional I / (max) O lines

Two 16-bit programmable timer/counter overflow interrupts

As a leading R & D institution in the chip decryption industry, Shenzhen OROD has long been committed to its complex HT48R50A IC Unlock  technology, serving many large and medium-sized enterprises, and fully commercializing operations. It can provide domestic and foreign customers with chip decryption technology services and solution consulting.